Monday, September 29, 2008

Weight results

I lost 2.9 lbs.

High: I worked out more this week and was able to bank points 3 days.

Low: Stress can always make your week hard.

Goal for this next week: To work out even more.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A fall afternoon

The Ruggles had a great afternoon out and about. This is Silas' last Saturday with his cast on.
We headed to Bristol village park to check out the frisbee golf course. While there we let Ellie ride her bike.

This was a great amount of frustration for some of us. Silas had tons of fun just running around.

When we were done at the park we headed to grab some lunch and hit another park. We decided to go to Walnut Street park. Yes this is the scene of the incident.
This is the slide that Silas broke his leg on.

We played at the park for a little while. Ellie had a lot of fun running here and there and going down every slide. Silas mainly stuck to the swing and he wanted to try the merry-go-round.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Office

So I had to play along. It is a very special "Office" day. I can't wait till 9PM.

What NBC "The Office" character are you?
Your Result: Jim Halpert

You are the kind of person that everyone likes. You are funny, laid back, and not bad looking. You love practical jokes and having a fun time with your friends. However, because you are so laid back you often let the things that are most important to you get away.

I miss Dwight. Congratulations Universe, you win.

Pam Beesly
Kelly Kapoor
Toby Flenderson
Dwight Kurt Schrute
Ryan Howard
Angela Martin
Michael Scott
What NBC "The Office" character are you?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz


I have seen this on several blogs lately and think it's a really great concept.
Love takes balls

I have heard negative and positives about the concept but what it really boils down is that love takes guts! It takes your all and sometimes it's risky.

I really want to love like this.

That's right I said want. I know that I don't always love with no inhibitions (it's the trust thing) and that something that I need to work on.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Change is in the air

I can feel it, change is coming. I can feel it in my soul, heart, body and I know it in my mind.

Let's start with Body. I am losing weight and I feel better now that I am exercising more. I feel better about myself physically and I am starting to feel better about my self mentally.

As for the soul and heart, I have know for a long time that there are things that I need to deal with. I think that Steve's sermon series is really speaking to me and going to help me move towards the right direction. Here are just a few things that I need to start with, I need to be able to let my emotions show. I need to stop holding them and tucking them away so no one can see how I feel. I need to start telling people how I feel about things. If I'm upset I have every right to voice my feelings. That is one of the hard ones. There are others but no that I feel safe sharing here, Sorry. It's the trust meter. There is a pastor in TN, who's blog I read. He is currently doing a sermon series on Baggage and I guess this last week part of the message was about our Trust Meter. If you want to check him out here is his blog and you can find the sermon series here. Steve also did a series like this. i tried to find it on the website to link to it but it's currently not there. Maybe it will show up someday. If you would like to hear Steve's series on this you could get it on CD. It was a really good series. I dealt with some things then but I think this topic keeps coming up cause I can only do a little at a time.

I am really hoping that I can find someone to share all the changes that need to happen. Someone who will listen and help me where I need it.

I am excited about this change but I know it's not going to be easy and it's probably going to hurt. But if the change I feel is truly going to come then things have to change.

I think for me that change starts here with two words: Safe (safety) and Trust

Safe: protected from or not exposed to danger or risk; not likely to be harmed or lost

Turst: 1 firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something

This weeks rewind.

Wednesday was a lazy day. We hung out at the house and cleaned the kids bedroom. I was able to get rid of 4 garbage bags of toys. In the afternoon we went to hang out with Paul while Sarah got her hair cut. Ellie really enjoyed this, she loves Paul. This evening Ellie had play practice at church. Then we just relaxed at home.

Thursday was laundry day at the McKells. I did sheets and then went into everyone's bedroom and cleaned out all the dirty clothes that didn't make it to the hampers. I got talked out of going to water aerobics. Eli made Chinese for dinner, it was so good! The evening ended with some very irritating eye burning for Ellie and I. Needless to say we cleaned out our eyes and went to bed.

Friday was a busy day! It started with the smell that awaited us when we stepped out the door. Needless to say we have to have the septic tank cleaned out and the leech bed redone. Because I cleaned the dirty clothes out of everyone's rooms I had 8 loads of laundry to do. I got them all done, almost. When I left the socks and underwear were drying and the towels were sitting in the washer waiting to be dried. Luckily Peg doesn't mind to change them out. The kids and I stayed home from the game and 5th quarter. I had to make food for my Emmaus meeting the next day.

Saturday morning was taken up by my Emmaus meeting. That afternoon was filled with some relaxing. In the evening I had to go to the grocery to get milk and assorted things for the youth to eat. When I arrived home I went to put the milk in the fridge and when I opened it I had a nice surprise waiting on me. We have cans of pop in our fridge. They are usually kept in the door but a friend came over and put her diet pop in the back of the fridge on the top shelf, 4 cans. Well one of the cans had frozen and exploded ALL over the fridge, ALL over everything! Nothing else in the freezer had frozen, I dunno. I am sure some science nerd could explain but it exploded and I had to clean it up. So everything came out of the fridge and I wiped down the fridge, wiped down every item in there and then put it all back. Relaxation was over at this point so I just kept cleaning.

Sunday was a busy day as always. Worship was great!! And Steve's message was AWESOME, oh wait I said that already. It was what I needed to hear and something I need to work on. I need to get past being afraid of what people will think of me and show emotion when I need to. We went home and hand homemde french breadpizza forlunch and bannana pudding with vanilla wafers for dessert, yummy! Eli had a meeting so the kids and I took a short nap before heading in for Ellie's tryouts. Ellie had musical tryouts and practice that evening. We also had youth which was good. We had a great turn out. Then it was home for the night. We watched where Carlos Whittaker lead worship. It was really cool.

Monday morning started with the septic man coming to clean out our septic tank. After the Septic man left we headed to Chillicothe to do laundry. Then it was back home. Ellie and Silas found ways to occupy themselves while I did 40 minutes of step aerobics on the Wii Fit. I made Chicken Parmesan for dinner and we had a friend come over to hang out for a bit.

Tuesday we headed to Chillicothe yet again to do laundry. We picked Eli up after work and headed home. I had water aerobics this evening. While I was at water aerobics Eli fixed the video chat on the Mini so now we can video chat with all our kids who have gone away to college. I had some dinner and then headed to bed. But the night did not end there. I was awakened to peg leg (Silas and his broken leg) coming towards my bedroom. He needed a diaper change, oh my favorite thing to do at 2AM. He couldn't go back to sleep so I took him to bed with me. By the time we got back to bed my head was thumping. I had crazy dreams, i guess because of the head ache. Well at 4AM here came Ellie. This leads into...

Wednesday. I am tired! I haven't accomplished a whole lot today. I could have used a pot of coffee this morning. Not much has happened this afternoon but this evening is another story. Ellie has musical practice at 6 and then I am meeting a friend for toppings at 7:30. This evening we are supposed to make Rice Crispy treats, Brownies, and chocolate chip cookies for Kiaros.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A hodge podge of things

Firstly our living room made it's way to Carlos Whitacker's blog. Check it out here. It was a neat evening with him leading worship online. For those of you whodo not know we have a mac mini hookedup to the tv.

Secondly, I thought this was interesting. We are headed to Nashville in November, hope they still are not having the same problem. If so this could make for an interesting trip for many people.

This weeks weight results

This week I lost 1.3 lbs, which is better than nothing I guess. I am not trying to make excuses because I am a bit disappointed.

Low for the week: I have felt lousy and very tired.

High for the week: I lost 1.3 lbs. I found a Wii fit.

I have had this sinus congestion all week and have just been extremely tired. So I haven't worked out as much as I would have liked to. But that's where we get to this week so,

Goal for this week: To work out more. My plan is to go to Water aerobics Tuesday and Thursday. And to do the Wii fit at least three days but I would like to shoot for Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

This day has come too soon.

Our church is doing a musical for the 3-5 yr. olds called God is Number One. Last week at practice Julie talked about the solo part and said you need to come to try outs if you want a solo. My little angel took that to mean that she had to be there. I didn't even think she really knew the song. So all week she has been paranoid that she was going to miss tryouts. She had in her mind that she was trying out, I'm not even sure that she knows what she is trying out for. But I let her.

Boy did she surprise me tonight. She knew all the words she was supposed to sing and she did pretty good for her age, but I am a little partial to her. She knew when to start singing and everything. She had some distractions but she's 4, that happens.

Her is a picture of her singing.

When she got up there with no inhibitions and sang her little heart out I lost it. My little girl is growing up to fast. As she sang more and more the tears fell more and more.
I am so proud of her.

She is going to be like her daddy, not afraid to get up in front of people. I am thankful for that. I have such a hard time getting up in front of people. I hope she never does and never has to go through what I do when it's time to get up in front of others.


Steve's new sermon is simply amazing. He is preaching on the Beatitudes right now. It's not your regular sermon on the topic, it's Steve style. I love Steve's teaching, it's so real, fresh and challenging. So far the past two weeks have really struck my heart in many ways. If you have happened to miss the past to weeks or are interested in hearing Steve's messages you can download them here.

I would love to have someone to get together and talk about the messages with, anyone interested?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

"My name is written on His tongue can bid me thence depart"

I love Shane and Shane, have I mentioned that before? Anyway, on the way to my Emmaus meeting this morning I was listening to some Shane and Shane and the song below just really spoke to me.

Before the Throne of God

Before the throne of God above
I have a strong, a perfect plea:
A great High Priest, whose name is Love,
Who ever lives and pleads for me.

My name is graven on his hands,
My name is written on his heart;
I know that while in heaven he stands
No tongue can bid me thence depart

No tongue can bid me thence depart.

When Satan tempts me to despair,
And tells me of the guilt within,
Upward I look, and see him there
Who made an end of all my sin

Because a sinless Savior died,
My sinful soul is counted free;
For God, the Just, is satisfied
To look on Him and pardon me

To look on Him and pardon me

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Praise the One,
Risen Son of God!

Behold him there, the risen Lamb
My perfect, spotless righteousness,
The great unchangeable I AM,
The King of glory and of grace!

One in himself, I cannot die
My soul is purchased by his blood
My life is hid with Christ on high,
With Christ, my Savior and my God
With Christ, my Savior and my God

I have heard this song before but really had not had the words pierce my heart and ring so true as they did this morning.

Here is the info I found on the hymn.
Author: Charitie Lees Bancroft, 1841-1923
Musician: Freylinghausen's Gesangbuch, 1704

Thank you Shane and Shane for bringing it to my attention. As if they put that song on their album for me, lol.

My Starbucks Cup

The Way I See It #293

The way I see it
Isn't necessarily
The way you see it
Or the way it is
Or ought to be
What's more important
Is that we're all
Looking for it
And a way to see it.

--Desi Di Nardo

Friday, September 19, 2008


Carlos, a guy's blog I read, posted something that I found very interesting. Check it out here.

Why can't we just love like Jesus did and stop all the nonsense arguing.
I am currently reading a book, "I'm Fine with God...It's Christians I Can't Stand: Getting Past the Religious Garbage in the Search for Spiritual Truth". I encourage everyone to read it. I am just getting started in it but wow what a look into where "Christianity" has gone and what we need to revert back to. Sometimes my heart just hurts to think that people can be so arguemenative over such issues when there are bigger things going on in the world that need our passion and attention.

I want to love like Christ not turn people off by rules and arguements.

I know you've all waited all day for this...

So here it is, my pirate name. It's good to see that Eli and I have the same last name.

My pirate name is:

Dirty Jenny Rackham

You're the pirate everyone else wants to throw in the ocean -- not to get rid of you, you understand; just to get rid of the smell. You have the good fortune of having a good name, since Rackham (pronounced RACKem, not rack-ham) is one of the coolest sounding surnames for a pirate. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from
part of the network

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mid-week rewind

So I would like to start the Monday Morning update but that will never happen on Monday mornings. So I am thinking the mid week recap and look forward.

You can check out this idea from Eli's blog here. Eli likes to do the Monday morning thing but I know me and after a long Sunday Monday morning update are never ever gonna happen. I am not even going to plan on it and then disappoint myself when it doesn't happen. So here is my version the Mid-week recap and look forward.

So here we go!

I will start with last Thursday but from now on I will go from Wednesday to Wednesday.

Last Thursday was my birthday. A bitter sweet day but my birthday. I share my birthday with some great women in my life. My late grandma, Roxie, who we lived with for many years. I also share it with Eli's grandma, Betty. It is bitter sweet because of an event that you might refer to as 9/11 i guess. It's just hard to celebrate and be happy when you know how many people did on that day and that there are many people grieving on your day. I don't want people to grieve on my day. I know if it wasn't my day it would have been on someone else's day. The date 9/11 has changed things in so many ways. Please don't get me wrong I had a great day. I just have to take time to stop and reflect and say a prayer for those who have lost loved ones or it can consume my whole day just as it did 7 years ago.
We celebrated by heading to PF Chang's for some AMAZING Crab Wontons, I swear I could eat those and only those and be very happy! They are my whole reason for going to PF's. After dinner we headed to Graters for ice cream with a couple of stops at some stores on the way. After eating our ice cream we went to Target. Did I ever mention I LOVE TARGET! I could spend hours in there but not tonight just a quickie. We found some great finds, a wooden tea light holder, a reed thing that smells the house up ( i dunno remember what it was called), and a book for Eli. After Target we stopped at Starbucks then headed home. Please don't get me wrong I had a great day. I just have to take time to stopand reflect and say a prayer for those who have lost loved ones or it can consume my whole day.
once we got home it was time to create care packages for my kids. So i baked cookies and packed them up.

Friday we woke up early to say bye to daddy, he was headed to Wheaton to see our kids. Ellie and Silas drew pics for Valerie and Mason so we stuck them in the bags real quick and daddy was off. So my day began. I turned Cartoons on and then started cleaning. I made the mistake of starting with my room. Here is the post about that if you want to check it out. And it just went from there I think that I sat down for a total of 30 minutes on Friday. I finally took a shower when I was done cleaning at 6:30 PM. See mom was coming and I just hadn't had time to clean in a while. But I feel good about the house. My mom arrived at 9-9:30. I made a pizza and we just relaxed and then to bed.

Saturday was full of making deliveries for people who wanted to buy the clothes I posted online. We also hit an amazing yard sale. I got all kinds of Ohio State gear for the kids, a pair of new balance and a fall and Winter coat with snow bibs for Silas. We then headed to Chillicothe for some shopping and lunch at Max and Ermas. We had a very eventful day that ended when we headed for home at 8:30 PM. We went home and relaxed and just waited for daddy to come home.

Sunday was a very tiring day or maybe I was just exhausted from the weekend. Worship was great, I miss the round, a lot. Steve's message on the First Beatitude was AMAZING! If you didn't hear if you need to. In the above link to Eli's blog he has a link to steve's message, I believe. We then headed to Walmart and then home for lunch. Ike (the storm) came to see us today. The winds were a little scary at times. We could feel the house shaking. There are still people all over Ohio without power. Mom headed home and we headed to youth and Ellie's musical practice. I had to literally drag Ellie out of practice and give her the straighten up or your not doing this talk. After practice I went down for the end of youth. Small crowd but we had a good time. Home and to bed early.

Monday I went to work and did laundry like crazy. Nothing really exciting happened today. I wasn't feeling good so things went a little slow. After we got home Eli went to have coffee at Tim's with someone. I made chicken Vegetable soup for dinner, it was really good. At least I think it was I haven't heard Eli weigh in yet. i tried to wait up for Eli but I felt like crap and couldn't.

Tuesday was another low key day. I felt horrible and I was so tired. I did exert some energy to go to Walmart and get the last Wii Fit they had. But we made it thru the day and headed to columbus to see the Lion King on Broadway. It was a lot better than what I expected it to be. The animals amazed me. We thought the show started at 7 but no it started at 8. So we would have had time to get dinner before the show but that KFC Snacker was pretty good, lol. We got home very late but not to late to get out my new Wii Fit and set it up.

Today I started out the day by looking for a lost bluetooth headset. then it was back into the house to clean the kids bedroom. I found four garbage bags of toys to get rid of and if Ellie hadn't been helping probably two more. But I'm nice. for the rest of the day we are going to babysit Baby Paul, go to Walmart and relax.

For the rest of the week looks like this so far:
Thursday: Laundry at the Mckells and Water aerobics
Friday: Laundry at the McKells, Football game and fifth Quarter
Saturday: Emmaus meeting, and then hopefully some relaxing.
Sunday: Church, Church, and Church.
Monday: Laundry at the Mckells
Tuesday: Laundry at the Mckells and Water aerobics.

Hopefully next week won't be as long. I usually don't have such eventful weeks.

Roller Texas, really! Where's my Cowboy hat?

Wow this is an interesting little fun thing to do today! Thanks Marty and Eli for sending us all in the direction to find out what our names would be if we were Palin's children.
Try it here!

Jennifer Ann, if you were born to Sarah Palin, your name would be:

Roller Texas Palin

Who knows, Roller Texas Palin you just might be president one day!

Come on Sarah, Valerie and Mason join in the fun you know your curious, lol.

Got a Wii Fit!

I am so excited. I called WalMart yesterday and when the lady said we have one left, I was off. I made it and as I was paying someone came up and ask for one, shew, just in time!
Because of circumstances I didn't get to play with it last night till 1 AM. I was tired but still tried several things, it was fun.

I got up this morning and did several things on it including a short run.

If any of you want to argue about it being a "workout" I'll take ya on! Oh my goodness. I was sweating and my heart rate was up. I think this is going to be a great addition to my weight loss plan.

If any of you want to come check it out, come on out.

Monday, September 15, 2008

This weeks weight results

This past week I lost 3.4lbs, Yipee! That's a total of 9.4 lbs.

I feel good about this. I had been frustrated for awhile but this week I actually feel good about my loss.

High for the week: I had a great time at water aerobics, great workout. I had a great birthday dinner and ate what I wanted and still lost weight. I got enough birthday money to buy a Wii Fit, now I just need to find one.

Low for the week: I didn't get to workout as much as I wanted to.

Goal for next week: Lose more weight of course. Workout more. Hopefully I can find a Wii Fit and start using that along with the Water aerobics.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I am so ashamed!

I am so upset with my self. I cleaned all day yesterday and I started in my bed room. Here is the picture of what I cleaned out of my drawers and closet that I never wear.

I divided it all up and bagged it according to what it was, 12 bags. Here is the picture of that.

After everything was sorted I listed it all on a yahoo group called the ross county trader. I sold 8 bags along with a bag of old formal gowns from high school and a bag of toys. I started to feel bad about selling them but I guess it's the same as having a yard sale. And after seeing and hearing some of the situation the people were in I didn't feel bad at all. I received plenty of Thank yous for selling these at yard sale prices. I am glad I could help some people out.
I do feel bad about having waited so long to clean out all the clothes that I haven't worn for years. It does feel good hat I can see in my closet now and I have room enough in my drawers to close them.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

One of my happy places.

I read this following paragraph on a blog I read and thought that it describes this place for me to a T.

"I L-O-V-E this place….

If our stinking budget didn’t get in the way, I’d be there twice a week enjoying their stylin’ bounty, but due to financial boundaries I try to keep my visits to once every two weeks. But that biweekly trip can easily turn into a whole afternoon if I’m not careful! I delight in their clothing lines, purses, shoes, kids clothing, baby bedding, jewelry, make-up, home goods, furniture, outdoor decor….. the list goes on and on.

It’s a happy place for me."

You can see the complete blog here.

I don't get to go as often as she does but I do love the place. If I am in an indecisive mood though, forget it. It isn't such a happy place at that point.

Let's just face it Target is one of my favorite places to go. I like to go look in every section and check out every clearence item, you never know what you may find. We have gotten some pretty amazing deals from the clearence sections.

Anyone wanna go? I suddenly feel the want to go.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I think this was my favorite chapter in the book.

Here are the highlights, I'll try not to type the whole chapter.

"Martha Beck wrote a fabulous article a few years ago about how our homes affect us and demonstrate our selves back to us. She asked the reader to picture the room you love best in your home, and three words to describe it, and then to picture the room you hate the most, and three words to describe it. She said that the words you choose for the room you love are three things that you would like to be, and the three words for the one you hate are the things you're afraid you really are, and really don't want anyone to know. Clever, that Martha Beck.
My basement is all the things that I don't want you to know, that I want to keep covered and out of your sight. I want you to see my living room and my dining room, my best shelves, my most charming and evolved selves. But down there, down in the musty, smelly basement are the parts of me that make me embarrassed and sad. Down there are my easily hurt feelings, my adolescent heartbreaks, my public faliures, the times I've tried to tell a joke and no one laughed. Down there are the unrequited loves, the left-one out feelings, the times when I heard other girls talking about me in the bathroom, both in high school and at church not that long ago. The basement is where all the hidden parts are."

"... if I allow them to help me, they would see my basement. They would see my basement and then they would leave, scared and disapproving, shaking their heads and clucking their tongues, knowing that there was always something off about me, cometo think of it."

"I'm quite certain she doesn't have cabinets like that. But then again maybe she does. Maybe we all do, somewhere. Maybe it's not your cabinets or your basement or your butt. But I think it's something, and I think you probably spend a lot of time covering it up and thinking about it in he middle of the night. And I think when you let someone into your life far enough to get a glimpse of it, at first you think you're going to pass out, and that that person is going to ruin your reputation as a good person by blabbering about your butt or your cabinets to everyone you know. But a second after that, I think you're going to realize that that person is your friend. Like really and truly, from Jesus, your friend."

"Her basement doesn't bother me one bit. It's messy and dirty and you have to wind your way through it like a corn maze, and it doesn't even put a dent in how much I love her and respect her and think she's smart. And apparently, against all odds, that's how Lori feels about me, even though she's dealt with my dishwasher. That makes me feel both honest, like she's seen the very worst and there's nothing else to be exposed; and safe, like she's not going to leave or make fun of me. When you find those things coexisting peacefully in one friendship, I think you've got a good thing going there, and you should let them see your basement."

This chapter made me reflect on my friendship. Thank you to my friends that have seen my basement and are still my friends. Thank you for being there through the ugly. Friends like that don't come by the bushel. You are very special to me and thank you for loving me. I love you!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

About me

Someone comment on one of my blogs that I didn't recognize so I decided to check them out. After checking out thier blog I didn't know who it was but I found the following idea. So I decided to play along I hope you will too.
After Eli got home and we did some more research we found out that it is friend from Rio. So you can check out his blog here. I love it because it's so real!

1. What was I doing ten years ago?

Ten years ago today I was 22 yrs. old. I was getting ready to begin my senior year at Rio Grande. I was dating Eli, we had just started that March. I was working at Sears in the shoe department.

2. What are five things on my list to do today?

1. Get all the Laundry done at the McKells
2. Get my schedule together for the Youth meeting tonight
3. Get the youth schedule together thru the end of the year.
4. Get to bed early
5. Don't stress

3. Snacks I enjoy?

Twizzlers, Maple Nut Goodies, Ice Cream, Pop corn, Refried Beans with Cucumbers and cheese on them.

4. Things I Would Do If I Were A Billionaire?

Pay off all my debt, Buy a Home, Build a youth complex at church, Travel.

5. Three of my bad habits?

1. Scratching my feet
2. picking at my face when i get tired or stressed
3. stress and panic about everything

6. Five places I have lived?

1. Little Hocking, OH
2. Belpre, OH
3. Rio Grande, OH on campus
4. Rio Grande, OH my own apartment
5. Piketon, OH

7. Five jobs I’ve had?

1. Sears-Shoe department
2. Lady Footlocker
3. Champs
4. Head Start
5. Christian Life Academy

8. How did you name your blog?

Because in College when I walked in a room people would just say "It's just Jenn"

Monday, September 8, 2008

Life changing quotes from Cold Tangerines

mother prayers

"Life sneaks up on us every once in a while and gives us something we didn't even know we wanted, and lights within us a love we didn't even know existed."

carrying my own weight redux

"I'm sorry for taking you for granted, for wishing you were different, and for abusing you because you looked different than I wanted you to. I'm sorry. And thank you. Thank you for despite my persecution, being strong and able in the most important way. Thank you for carrying and bearing and nourishing my son."

needle and thread

"I know that life is busy and hard, and that there's crushing pressure to just settle down and get a real job... But don't. Please don't. Please keep believing that life can be better, brighter, broader, because of the art that you make."

"'Do something creative every day.' Do that, Do something creative every day, even if you work in a cubicle, even if you have a newborn, even if someone told you a long time ago that you're not an artist, or that you can't sing, or you have nothing to say. Everyone has something to say. Everyone. Because everyone, every person was made by God, in the image of God."

cold tangerines

"I think it's our job, each of us, to live each day like it's a special occasion, because we've been given a gift."

What I never leave home without.

I saw this on Eli's blog and thought I'd play along.

I take my purse everywhere I go.
Which contains:
My iphone
band-aids and neosporene
my wallet
my favorite pens
lip gloss
face powder

I take the diaper bag (usually the kids are with me when I leave the house)
Which contains:
Sippy cups
extra clothes for both kids
Immunization records
and there is usually a dvd of some sort that we take with us.

My Laptop Bag
Which contains
My external Hard drive
My laptop
My Card reader
a notebook
lip gloss
a book (currently, I'm Fine with God... It's Christians I Can't Stand.)
chargers for everything

So I think that's it. Wow I suddenly feel the need to downsize.

Weigh in results

I lost 2.2 lbs this week.

High for the week: I lost some weight. I started water aerobics and love it.

Low for the week: Water aerobics was canceled on Tuesday so I was only able to go on Thursday. I can't seem to get up early in the mornings so I can workout at home.

Goal for the coming week: Attend water aerobics Tuesday and Thursday. Get to bed earlier so I can get up early to work out.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

blessings and curses

"I can spend all my life and all my soul and all my words on the pain of what happened to me, or i can take this glimmering gift and run with it."

"...lots of times, not every time, maybe, but more often than not, there is something just past the heartbreak, just past the curse, just past the despair, and that thing is beautiful. You don't want it to be beautiful, at first. You want to stay in the pain and the blackness because it feels familiar, and because you're not done feeling victimized and smashed up. But one day you'll wake up surprised and humbled, staring at something you thought for sure was a curse and has revealed itself to be a blessing-a beautiful, delicate blessing."

"Nothing good comes easily. You have to lose things you thought you loved, give up things you thought you needed. You have to get over yourself, beyond your past, out from under the weight of your future. The good stuff never comes when things are easy. It comes when things are all heavily weighted down like moving trucks. It comes just when you think it never will, like a shimmering Las Vegas rising up out of the dry desert, sparkling and humming with energy, a blessing that rose up out of a bone-dry, dusty curse."

Cold Tangerines
Shauna Niequist

Friday, September 5, 2008

Pride and Pejudice

"You have bewitched me, body and soul and I Love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on."

Mr. Darcy says to Miss. Elizabeth during a foggy dawn.

What a vow! This is my favorite part of the movie.

I love my four year old

So we were driving this morning with 104.9 playing. Matt Redman was on singing Blessed Be Your Name. My four year old says "mommy I hear papa singing on the radio." I said "are you sure" and she said "listen" there was silence, except for Matt and then she says "yep that's him."

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I watched the DNC and now I am watching the RNC. I am not going to use my blog to say how I feel about one candidate or the other. I am going to share a problem I have with the whole thing.

I hate all the negative bashing. It's not just by the candidates or the speakers at the conventions. It's everywhere! Just because someone likes one candidate over the other doesn't mean they should just begin bashing on the other person. It really turns me off to politics, when I see or hear someone who supports one candidate bash the other just because they don't support them. I wish everyone would just support their candidate and stop calling names and making jokes to bring the other candidate down.

I have heard it on both sides so I am not targeting one side or the other. I am just sick of all the negativity. Yes I know the media likes to look for the worst in everyone that's in the public eye but I am just truly sick of the negative name calling.

I finally finished.

I finished the book Cold Tangerines about a week ago. I would recommend it to anyone. I am going to blog quotes over the next several days from the book that really struck me.

Today the quotes are from the chapter Shalom.

"Shalom, it's the physical, sense-oriented, relational, communal, personal, ideological posture that arches God-ward."

"It's equilibrium and free-fall, balance and shake. I's a new dance, a new taste, the feeling of falling in love, the knowledge of being set free. It's that split-second cross between a fact and a feeling, something you would swear on in court of law but couldn't find words for if you tried."

"It's something you can't fake, so you have to lay yourself open to it, wide open and vulnerable to what it might ask of you, what it might require you to give up, get over, get outside of get free from. It feels, sometimes, like running farther than you thought you could run, legs shaking and lungs burning, feeling proud and surprised at what little old you can do."

"Shalom is about God, and about the voice and spirit of God blowing through and permeating all the dark corners that we've chopped off, locked down. It's about believing, and letting belief move you to forgive. It's about grace and letting grace propel you into action. It's about the whole of our lives becoming woven through with the sacred spirit of God, through friendship and confession, through rest and motion, through marriage and silence."

"Shalom is the act of life lifting up and becoming an act of worship and celebration, a sacrament, an offering."

"Shalom never happens on it's own. It happens when we do the hardest work, the most secret struggle, the most demanding truth telling. In those moments of ferocity and fight, peace is born. Shalom arrives, and everything is new. And when you've tasted it, smelled it, fought for it,labored it into life, you'll give your soul to get a little more, and it is always worth it."

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Cast

What a trooper Silas is. He was so great when he got his cast on. With this bright Orange cast he already for the football games.

He is very uncomfortable and will not try to walk on it. My friend Peg tells me this will change, I hope so.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Silas broke his leg!

He was such a trooper! We go see the doctor tomorrow to get his cast.

For those of you who do not know here's the story. Silas was going down the big, metal curly slide at Walnut St. park in Waverly. When he got to the bottom of the slide he hit his foot on the side of the slide and evidently broke it his leg. He was going down the slide with a wonderful loving friend who cares enough about him to make sure he got to go down the slide too. I can only imagine what would have happened if she hadn't been with him. So, THANK YOU for riding the slide with Silas and keeping him from hurting himself more. Thank you for loving my little boy!

Week 3 update.

I lost .4 lbs.

High for the week: Great time had by all at youth last night. It was a great end to a bad day. Also how can a 4 day weekend be anything but a high.

Low for the week: I have been discouraged, a little depressed, lazy and extremely tired.

Goal for the next week: I am going to start water aerobics on Tuesday's and Thursday's. Someone ask me to start going to Curves with them I hope they decide to start going and make me go with them. I also hope to get to bed at a decent hour and to get up early at least two days during the week and do a workout video at home.

I hope to be able to get really motivated and a routine for exercising soon.