Wednesday, April 23, 2008

on the inside

as i was out taking pictures yesterday i found this flower. after i took the picture i just got to thinking about flowers. this flower has nothing to hide. as it grew and came into full bloom it didn't hide what was on the inside. it bares all for all to see.

i can only hope that as i grow that i will bloom and open up. i hope that someday i will not be afraid to bloom and bare what's on the inside.

Monday, April 21, 2008

this world we created

we are having a biteback event on friday evening.  our goal for the event is to raise awareness about malaria.  with help from our church and other churches in ross and pike counties we are hoping to buy nets for families in africa to help prevent the spread of malaria.   $10 will buy a net for a family along with medication and mosquito awareness.  that's it just ten bucks. 

if you are interested you can read more here:

i was looking at some videos on youtube today, trying to find stuff we can use friday night.  as i was searching and watching videos my emotions were stirred. 

i am not oblivious to things going on around the world.  but anytime i see the images mixed with music my emotions get stirred.

 i can't go change the world but i can do my part to help.  so for now my part is to buy a mosquito net  for a family in africa. 

i challenge everyone who reads this to skip that next trip to the movies or that next meal in a restaurant and buy a net or two to save lives.
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