Monday, September 15, 2008

This weeks weight results

This past week I lost 3.4lbs, Yipee! That's a total of 9.4 lbs.

I feel good about this. I had been frustrated for awhile but this week I actually feel good about my loss.

High for the week: I had a great time at water aerobics, great workout. I had a great birthday dinner and ate what I wanted and still lost weight. I got enough birthday money to buy a Wii Fit, now I just need to find one.

Low for the week: I didn't get to workout as much as I wanted to.

Goal for next week: Lose more weight of course. Workout more. Hopefully I can find a Wii Fit and start using that along with the Water aerobics.


I don't really know what kind of a girl I am.....-Juno said...

Congrats! I'm so proud of you! Maybe we could go for an evening walk Friday around Bristol or something or the track and then we could get coffee.

SORTof BLOG said...

That's awesome! 3.4 pounds. I love 2. Reading your weight updates motivates me. I've lost 18 pounds since I started making it a priority (about a month ago). It's insane how the weight is coming off. I know I'm going to hit a wall soon and I'll want to give up. It's a horrible game we play. Keep it up. I'll be checking in :)

SORTof BLOG said...

um. I don't love 2. I lost 2. I love the 5 I lost the week before!!!