Monday, September 8, 2008

Life changing quotes from Cold Tangerines

mother prayers

"Life sneaks up on us every once in a while and gives us something we didn't even know we wanted, and lights within us a love we didn't even know existed."

carrying my own weight redux

"I'm sorry for taking you for granted, for wishing you were different, and for abusing you because you looked different than I wanted you to. I'm sorry. And thank you. Thank you for despite my persecution, being strong and able in the most important way. Thank you for carrying and bearing and nourishing my son."

needle and thread

"I know that life is busy and hard, and that there's crushing pressure to just settle down and get a real job... But don't. Please don't. Please keep believing that life can be better, brighter, broader, because of the art that you make."

"'Do something creative every day.' Do that, Do something creative every day, even if you work in a cubicle, even if you have a newborn, even if someone told you a long time ago that you're not an artist, or that you can't sing, or you have nothing to say. Everyone has something to say. Everyone. Because everyone, every person was made by God, in the image of God."

cold tangerines

"I think it's our job, each of us, to live each day like it's a special occasion, because we've been given a gift."

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Caitlin M. said...

I think I'm gonna have to check this book out...