Monday, March 12, 2012

Going through the motions...

From a blog I was reading:

"I was going through the motions of living...

swirling circles in dishes full of soapy water,
wiping sticky faces, holding babies close,
sweeping the floor a hundred times or more.

But I felt a disconnect in my spirit,
a heaviness like a whole brick load of sorrow.
It was an ache that wouldn't leave and the more I ignored it,
the louder it shouted.


I tried to push it down.
Life is demanding and doesn't have time for pain.
There's nowhere I can run to nurse these wounds.
Nowhere to hide when this house is always full and it needs me.

I knew it would catch up to me eventually--
when you're bleeding it's hard not to leave a trail."

Looking for a blog to read? Here is my new favorite, Beautifully Rooted.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


So I feel like I haven't been able to think clearly lately. I think this has a lot to do with my house being out of order. I can't wait till everything is back to where it goes and the Goodwill piles are taken to Goodwill.

I have wanted to do more with Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, and Lent than I have done so far. For the past several years we have had people over to have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. This year it was just us, mostly due to the fact that the house was in progress. Next year will be different though.

For Ash Wednesday we participated in the service at the church. This year Ellie joined me. she wasn't sure what to think and had a lot of questions.

For Lent I wasn't sure what all to do with the kids so I messaged my friend Lilly and she gave me the following ideas:

1.Today, clean out the fridge together. You can make leftovers and/or pancakes for shrove tuesday.
Shrove tuesday was the day for cleaning out the pantry before the fast.
If you have stuff in pantry that you can give to a food bank , do that as A part of this week's lenten prep.

2. Get Kids to Help you clean out the lint trap in your dryer.
As you/ they clean it out, talk about God cleaning out the lent, the junk, that gets stuck on us, and ask jesus to clean out your heart as u clean the Lint trap! a Linten confessional

3. Have kids write down or draw their sins... What they are sorry about,
Stuff they know they do wrong(age appropriate) and parents do this too.
We used small pieces of paper and burned them in a glass dish at dinner!
Then we used the ashes from this to make crosses on our foreheads symbolic of ash wednesday.
And since im not a literalist, we did this during
The first week of lent not on the actual day .

4. We used a piece of purple cloth on the table ( create a centerpiece or you can create an altar space) and keep the dish of ashes on the table during lent as a reminder.

5. We also had a lint brush on the table..
Pass around the lint brush as a tool for confession. As You roll the lint Brush on your clothes ask god to remove the junk/lint of the day and Ask his forgiveness.
( they might want to do this to each other : ))

6. Another center piece idea is to buy planted bulbs that are ready to grow, or plant seeds in a pot and watch them grow during lent. New life coming from the earth, the death of a seed brings life.

7. Along with this idea, get a garden hoe and put it in the corner of The room, by the door or fireplace, somewhere you will see it everyday.
Use it as a visual reminder of God tilling the soil of your hearts and getting
Ready to plant and grow new things in your life.
I also used seed
Packets in the centerpiece for a visual reminder.

8. As a family save change for an organization. As a church,
Our kids saved change and at easter we bought baby chicks and ducks through the
Heifer project international ( world vision has a similar thing) .

On Monday, Feb. 20th, we did number 1. We cleaned out the fridge and we discussed how people used to clean out their pantry for the fast. We talked about how people used to not eaten certain foods during Lent. We discussed how people give up things in order to clean their lives of things and focus more on Jesus.

I must say though we haven't done all that much more. I haven't been able to do anything but try to get this house back to being able to think mode. But we are getting to the point that I can think. So hopefully I will be able to do more with the kids about Lent and the approaching of Easter. We bought some crafts to do from Hobby Lobby.

Speaking of Lent...

I really thought about what to do. Whether I was going to give up something or try to start something. I decided that I was going to give up speeding. I am not doing too bad. Every once in a while I get to thinking about something and don't realize I am going 5 or so over. So once I realize it I quickly correct it and get back to trying not to speed.

I will post more as the kids and I do our crafts and other activities that my friend Lilly passed along to me.