Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm back???

I know I said I was back but oh my I have been crazy busy. Between taking care of kids, housework and putting together furniture it's been a little crazy.

We took a trip to IKEA and were able to get some things we needed and a few things we didn't "need". We have spent all our spare time putting things together since we got back.

Lilly went for her 6 month well baby check today and all is well. He weighed 13. lbs. Yesterday she started sitting up on her own. She starts on her belly and pushes her self up to a sitting position.
Here's a pic:

You can see her marks from the shots in this pic.

She is also getting up on her hands a knees and rocking back and forth. I bet she is crawling in the next month.

All our furniture from IKEA is put together as of this afternoon. So hopefully some time will free up for me to blog a bit more.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


So I have been in a bit of a funk. I have wanted to hide and just be silent for a bit.

It's amazing the power we can allow people to have over us. It's amazing how we can allow the words of an email to affect us so deeply.

I am done though. I am done being affected! I am done letting those have power over me that really could care less about me.

I am moving on now! There will be some that will not be a part of this moving on and that's ok. It's okay if I only let a few in to share with.

That being said I think I'm back. I have missed blogging about all the fun things going on with the Ruggles family. Here are some brief updates.

1. Silas is potty trained. He did it himself.

2. We took out cabinets in the kitchen.

3. We got a new to us kitchen table and sold our old one.

4. We finished adding shelving to the toy room.

5. We rearranged the living room.

6. We rearranged the bedroom in preparation to move the door to the bedroom.

7. We have begun preparation to move where the pantry is.

8. Lilly turned 6 months old.

9. Ellie seems to be doing well in school. She is done with dance when this year is over and she wants to play soccer.

10. I just bought a flash for my camera.

11. Lilly is getting all fours and rocking. Crawling is just around the corner.

Maybe in some future blogs I can go into detail and post pics of the work we have done around the house.