Saturday, September 27, 2008

A fall afternoon

The Ruggles had a great afternoon out and about. This is Silas' last Saturday with his cast on.
We headed to Bristol village park to check out the frisbee golf course. While there we let Ellie ride her bike.

This was a great amount of frustration for some of us. Silas had tons of fun just running around.

When we were done at the park we headed to grab some lunch and hit another park. We decided to go to Walnut Street park. Yes this is the scene of the incident.
This is the slide that Silas broke his leg on.

We played at the park for a little while. Ellie had a lot of fun running here and there and going down every slide. Silas mainly stuck to the swing and he wanted to try the merry-go-round.


Jessica said...

First I must say that all your pics are great--you must have a great eye or a great camera or both! That pic of the kids running is phenomenal! I aspire to take wonderful pics, but I just settle for not-blurry ones! LOL If you don't do photography as a part-time profession, you should consider it, and send tips my way please!

Jessica said...

*PS. I just read what I wrote earlier, and realized you may think I'm kidding. Seriously, if you have tips on taking better pics than my ordinary snapshots I really am up for advice! Thx!