Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Girl

So we were driving to Chillicothe this morning.
Ellie says to me "What's a Mommy?" I responded with "a woman who has a kid." And this is where it went.

Ellie: "No Mom, a person wrapped in bandages"
Me: "Oh, sorry, you mean a Mummy"
Ellie "yeah what's that"
Me: "well when a person dies sometimes people wrap them in bandages when they bury them"
Ellie: "Oh like Jesus"
Me: "Well No..." I'm interrupted with this
Ellie: "I mean before he raised from the dead, they put bandages on him when he died."

I just agreed and let her be satisfied with that.
I love her way of thinking and how everything relates back to Jesus.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Great deals have been found.

So I went to Jeffersonville today to take part in the massive mess at Old Navy. I think that this is the biggest shopping mess I have ever been in. You know when they release that new toy and each store only gets so many of them, that's what it was like. People were pushing and rude. It was crazy but somewhat worth it.
Old Navy had their flip flops for sale on $1, yes only $1. Since I cannot wear anything but flip flops now due to the retaining of water, I felt that for $1 a pair I could get several to add some variety to my pregnancy footwear. Ellie has been wearing her flip flops from last year that were to small so I grabbed several pairs for her. I got 6 pairs of flip flops for $6, awesome! I also splurged a little and got Ellie the cutest slippers for 7 bucks. They are Chocolate boot type slippers with different colored hearts on them. She hasn't taken them off since I got home, she loves slippers.

I then headed to Pottery Barn, only because we walked by and they had stuff outside. I found an outfit for Baby Roogles for $5 bucks and a Sleeping sak for $5 bucks and these items were also 10% off.

Then we headed to Osh Kosh. Silas was in need of some T-Shirts. I was able to get him 5 T-Shirts a hat and shorts and a T-Shirt for Ellie for less that 35 bucks, AWESOME!

Carter's was our last stop. I was able to get Ellie a cute shorts outfit and Silas one more T-Shirt for a very reasonable price.

We had a great day of bargain shopping. Thanks for going with me Sarah and helping me make decisions. I am not the greatest decision maker when I am pregnant.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Been absent

Sorry that my blogging has been lacking lately. I am just not in the greatest spirits to be blogging. I am frustrated, tired and fed up with some attitudes and situations. But if I blog about these things it would just be bad because almost everyone who reads assumes your talking about them. So we will leave that at that. Assume what you want.

It has been a busy couple weeks. Ellie had her first dance recital, she did so good. I was so very proud of her! I cried the whole time she danced. And no I don't chalk it up to pregnancy hormones. I never imagined she knew as much as she did of the dance. We leave dance every week with me being a little frustrated thinking wonder what's going to happen on stage she doesn't know any of the dance. Well surprise mom, she knew almost the whole dance. Amazing! She tells me all the time that dance is boring and she seemed to not be paying attention at dance but evidently she was paying attention.

Oh and to end the blog. My friend Jessica has been blogging about her grocery store savings and it just blows my mind the amount of money she saves and the amazing deals she gets. I am trying very hard to use coupons and comparison shop. Well last week at the store Bologna was 2/2.00 and I had a $1.00 off coupon for 2. Which mean I only paid .50 a package. I wish I had more than one of those coupons. That's the best deal I've had but I'm proud of it and am going to try harder to find more bargains like that.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday, May 4th

this past weekend:
Friday I left the kids with Eli and went to a scrapbooking weekend at Scioto Hills. I had a lot of fun and got a lot accomplished. I finished Silas Birth and First year. I started a scrapbook for this year. I also started the new Baby Ruggles scrapbook. All together I finished 145 pages. I want to go back and add some things to several pages. But that can be done here and there.

where i am:
Sitting on the couch snuggling with Silas.

what's up with Ellie:
She is getting nervous about the upcoming dance recital. Daddy has introduced her to a new cartoon that she loves, Avatar.

what's up with Silas:
Silas' vocabulary is getting better every day. It amazes me! I love to hear him talk and use a new word.

what's up with baby:
Well it's offical Baby Roogles is a Girl. The ultrasound tech spent 40 minutes looking at her heart and pointed out all the parts of the heart and showed me the blood flow. It was neat but I had to go potty so I was a bit antsy. Everything looks good with the Baby.

my to-do list this week:
Laundry, Dust, ect...

book i’m reading:
Right now our girls group, reaL is reading the book "What's up with Boys?" by Crystal Kirgiss. I am going to try to start the book "Sin Boldly" by Cathleen Falsani.

how i’m feeling about this week:
I want it to be relaxing but we will see.