Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rover's Gone!

As we arrived home tonight a sadness filled the air. Rover, the dog who was on our front door step Monday Morning was now gone. I think we had all warmed up to taking care of the dog who made his way or was dropped off at our house. He was an old Bassett Hound who acted like he had been abused. We started to like having him around. Eli had even decided to feed him when we got home tonight. Ellie was upset but I don't think nearly as sad as we were. Maybe he will return or maybe he found his home. Hopefully he found his home and someone is happy to have him back.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Anniversary, Eli!

Yesterday was our Anniversary. It has been six years. It doesn't seem that long and yet it seems like we have been together forever. I didn't have any wedding pics on my computer so I posted this picture. It was taken a month before we got married.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Storms and Fear

I am often afraid of storms. It is one of my many fears. I know a 32 yr. old should not be afraid of things but I am. Eli thinks I am silly for being afraid. I am not sure why I am afraid of storms but I am. Maybe it is something that has been instilled in me. Durning my childhood everytime it stormed we had to turn off the tv and unplug it from the wall and unplug the cable. We were not allowed to take a shower or bath or even use the toliet durning a storm. We were not allowed to play on the floorwe had to sit up on the couch off the floor. We were not allowed to use the telephone earlier. So maybe my upbringing has given me this fear, i dunno. Hopefully I will be able to keep my fear hidden from Ellie so she does not grow up with the one of the same fears as me.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ellie is 3

Wow, it's really been 3 years. I miss Ellie as a baby but I am enjoying who she is becoming. She is so much fun. Her imagination is wild and I love it. She is such a beautiful little girl. She is so loving, comforting, compassionate and creative. I can only imagine what our future holds with Ellie

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Do you have any songs that make you cry everytime you hear them?
I do and they are:
1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
2. Victory in Jesus
3. How great is our God
4. All I Can Say
5. The way you look tonight

If you do, what are they? I am curious.

This was cool.


I am not sure I call last week vacation. I think Silas' face says it all. It was far from stress free and actually was filled with more stress than if we had just stayed home and worked all week. I loved seeing Eli's family. We got there at 1AM on Monday night and by Wednesday afternoon I was thinking "can we just go home?" It was so good to spend time with Eli's grandparents and Aunt Melva. I like them a lot. But I must say I think everyone was stressed. It's good to be home to a real bed and back to normal but I miss Melva. I think we deserve another Vacation.

"Never gonna happen dinner"

I saw this post on Marko's blog and thought it was interesting and decided to have a little fun and post who I would invite and why.
Here are the rules:
…invite 6 people (alive or dead) who i have no real chance of dinning with, who would they be?

Marko added some rules:
- the person has to either be a) dead, or b) alive, but no way you’ll ever have a chance to have dinner with them.
- real people only. no fictional characters.
- it’s not 6 individual dinners. it’s a dinner party with 6 people (plus you). think of the mix.
- assume no language barriers. in other words, it doesn’t matter if they speak or spoke another language than you and your other guests. you have magic instant translation technology.
- jesus doesn’t count. it’s a dinner party. therefore, 2 or more are gathered. therefore, Jesus is already there.

1. Mary the mother of Jesus.
I think it wouldbe very interesting to talk to her and find out how she felt when all this was happening with the birth of Christ.

2. Queen Esther.
Just because I think she is very brave. I read a book called the Esther Effect and it really changed the way I look at things. I love the story of Queen Esther.

3. Micheal W. Smith
Just because I have always loved his music. I can remember the first concert i went of his. I was in the 5th grade and I came down with pnemonia but my mom took me anyways.

4. My Grandpa Moore
He died when I was 5 so I don't remember a whole lot about him. I would just like to talk with him.

5. My Grandma Moore
After Grandpa died we moved in with her. She died the last day of school my eighth grade year. I just miss her!

6. Dr. Henry Cloud
I think it would do me a world of good to talk to him. He is insightful and real. No warm fuzzies, just real!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Long Survey

The longest survey you'll ever fill out! Do the world a favor: fill it out and post it for all your friends.... Do this because the person who did this didn't sit here for ages for nothing. Answer all the questions honestly, no lying to avoid stuff.

Single or Taken: Taken

Eye color: Blue

Shoe size: 9

height:: 5'3

What are you wearing right now: Floral PJ Pants and a White T

Best place to go for a date: Chicago lol Movie and Coffee



Number: 4

Animal: pigs

Drink(non alcoholic): Cinnamon Tea and Pepsi

Month: September thru December

Juice: Orange Pineapple


Have You Ever. . .

Given anyone a bath: yes, I have kids!

Bungee Jumped? no

Made yourself throw-up?: heck no

Gone skinny dipping? no too fat

Eaten a dog? just hot dogs

Loved someone so much it made you cry?: YES

Broken a bone?: no

Played truth or dare?: yes

Been on a plane?: yes

Been in a hotub?: yes

Swam in the ocean?: yes but I prefer being in water that I can see my feet

Fallen asleep in school?: yeah

Ran away?: hasn't everyone when we were little

Broken someone's heart?: i highly doubt it

Cried when someone died?: yes

Cried in school?: yes

Fell off your chair? yes but it was pulled out from behind me

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call?: yes though, I would just fall asleep now

Saved AIM conversations?: yes they automatically save in your history

Saved e-mails?: yes

Made out with JUST a friend?: no

Used someone?: no

What is. . .? LOVE!? Someone that you can laugh with, someone that will take care of you no matter what and someone that you picture life not being the same without

New fav. song?: The Wicked Soundtrack and By His Wounds by Mac Powell

Last thing you ate?: Pizza, Chicken Dip and Oreo Ice Cream

What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use?: Bath and Body Works, and Head and Shoulders

Ever Had. . .

Chicken pox: yes

Sore Throat: yes all the time when I was little

Stitches: only after surgery

Broken nose: no

Do You. . .

Believe in love at first sight: ????? yes

Long distant relationships?: yes

Like school?: it's ok

Who was the last person that called you?: Eli

Who was the last person you slow danced with?: Wow it's been a while, Eli

Who makes you smile the most? Ellie, Jen, Anna, Lauren, and Jodi

Who knows you the best?: Eli, Jen, Anna and Jodi

Do you like filling these out: ? It's ok

Do you get along with your family: ? it's ok

Final Questions:

Hated someone in your family: I don't hate anyone but I dislike someone

Where do you want to get married?: been there, done that, not doing it again.

Good driver?: I think I'm ok but don't ask Eli

Good Singer?: no

Have a lava lamp?: no

How many remote controls are in your house?: 10

Scary or Funny Movies?: funny

Chocolate or Vanilla?: if I can't get a swirl then I like chocolate

Skiing or Boarding: neither

Summer or winter?: winter

Diamond or pearl?: Diamond

Pepsi or Coke?: Pepsi

Phone or in person?: in person

Are you oldest, middle or youngest?: oldest

Today did you

1. Talk to someone you liked?: yes

2. Buy something: no

3. Get sick?: no

8. Talked to an ex?: no

9. Miss someone?: yes

Last person who

10. Slept in your bed?: my husband

11. Saw/heard you cry?: Jodi and Lauren

12. Made you cry?: a situation

13. Went to the movies with?: Eli, Ellie and Silas

15. Said "I Love You"?: Eli

16. Ever been in a fight with your parents? yes

18. Been to Mexico?: no

19. Been to Canada?: no

20. Been to China?: no

Random. . .

22. What book are you reading now?: none

24. Future KIDS names? Josiah

25. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: no just Eli and Silas

27. Favorite sports to watch?: College Football, Basketball, Hockey

29. Piercing/Tattoos?: used to have piercings but no more Want a Tattoo though

30. What are you most scared of?: Drowning

31. Who do you really hate? nobody

32. Do you have a job?: yes

33. Have you ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with?: yes I never had a chance with anyone but Eli

34. Are you lonely right now?: no

38. Song that's stuck in your head right now?: none

39. Have you ever played strip poker?: no

40. Have you ever gotten beat up:? no

42. Have you ever been on radio/TV?: Yes with Mark Martin after a race on ESPN

43. Have you ever been in a "mosh-pit"?: yes


What's the first things you notice about the opposite sex?: Eyes and Hair

Your Favorite Food?: Roast and Dumplings

Ever get so drunk you dont remember the night before?: yes

Dogs or cats?: dogs

Favorite Flower?: Daises, 4 o'clocks, and Hyacinthia

How many pillows do you sleep with?: one

Who are you missing right now? my grandma moore

Repost this as LOONGGG SURVEYYY if you make it through

Monday, July 9, 2007

My Babies

Silas is crawling now. He is growing up way to fast. Ellie is doing a great job at potty training. It's been 2 weeks and we have had 4 accidents. I am so proud of her. She will be 3 next wednesday. Oh I might cry.

I guess I have been tagged.

The rules are simple…Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1. I was a sorority girl in college. Yep, Delta Theta. Yes that equals party girl. You would never believe it if I told you things I did in college.

2. I love the top of the ice cream cone. You know where all the ice cream sits in the little holes. I also love Kit Kat's but I don't like all the chocolate on them so I eat all the chocolate off the edges and then pull the wafers apart and eat them.

3. I didn't get my drivers license until I was 22. I don't know why. Afraid of my dad yelling at me for doing things wrong, maybe.

4. When I started college I wanted to be a child psychologist. Now, I secretly want to become a message therapist. I have no desire to teach anymore. I am not sure I really ever did.

5. I love to sing!

6. I worry about everything! Every conversation I have I rehearse before hand in my head and then play it back multiple times to make sure I didn't say something stupid. I am constantly worrying about 10 things at a time. I worry about what people think, what I look like, how I sound, ect...

7. I have a fear of drowning. My senior year of college I went white water rafting. I thought I was going to die. Every since I hate being in water where I cannot see the bottom and I hate driving over bridges.

8. I want to loose 70 lbs. I am sick of being fat. I feel like sometimes people don't acknowledge me because of the way i look. I want to be able to walk into any store and buy clothes not just Lane Bryant. I admire Jaki a lot for being okay with a few extra lbs. I wish I could be okay with it. But I think my extra weight doesn't help my already lower than low self esteem.

I tag anyone who reads this.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Happy 4th

Is it supposed to be cool enough that you have to wrap up in a blanket to watch fireworks?

We had a great 4th. I hope you all did too.

The answer is.

I did play softball also but was much better at volleyball.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Question for this week

In High School I played what sport well?
a. soccer
b. volleyball
c. softball
d. tennis
e. basketball