Monday, November 23, 2009

Kool aid

Check out this blog. We've all loved kool aid since we were kids, right. So here recently when some one has make reference to someone drinking the Kool aid I didn't really understand. I had to ask for clarification, thanks honey! This blog just speaks volumes and volumes. Think about it!
Do you make others drunk on your junk?

Are you drunk on someones junk?

Do you have ritz that makes someone blitzed?

Are you blitzed with someones ritz and don't know it?

Do you shield others from reality?

Are you being shielded from reality?

Wow what a good blog! Something for all of us to think about today.

Thanks Carlos for stirring up something we all need to think about and be aware of.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

2009 RVCC Amazing Race

So today was the 2009 Amazing Race at River Valley. The youth leaders got to be drivers this year with much thanks to the Jr. High leaders who planned the race. I was on a team with Taylor Evans, Carter Good, Adam Tiu, and Chase Montovan. We had a blast. The race involved much running but I will recover in a couple days. My favorite line from the day was "Jen, you ran! You've got speed." I am sure I looked goofy running across the church parking lot but hey it's all for the team. We kicked footballs, collected food for the food pantry, ran around a graveyard, ate some interesting food items, went fishing, and ended with the Pledge of Allegiance at the new vet memorial in Waverly. We were the second team back at the church but after all the added points we ended up in third. I think my team did such a good job at helping each other and being polite and nice to the people around us. I am proud of them. We made a great team. Thank you guys for a great evening. Thank you Jr. High team for working out all the details and planning it so we could participate in the race. It was a fun time.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I watched Bride Wars this evening. This quote really hit my heart.

"Sometimes in life there really are bonds formed that can never be broken. Sometimes you really can find that one person who will stand by you no matter what. Maybe you'll find it in a spouse and celebrate it with your dream wedding, but theres also the chance that the one person you can count on for a lifetime, the one person who knows you sometimes better than you know yourself is the same person who's been standing beside you all along."

I am so glad I have Eli.

OH MY Ellie is definitely mine!

Last night Ellie went to her first big girl birthday party. We've gone to birthday parties before but this is the first, oh you know what I mean.
Anyways after we got there Ellie had to go to the bathroom so I took her. While in their I was smacked in the face with the fact that she is just like me. This likeness is not a good thing. This is how our bathroom conversation went:
me-"Why aren't you playing with your friends?"
Ellie-"they don't really want me here."
me-"Ellie they wouldn't have invited you if they didn't want you here."
Ellie-"Well I am a little nervous that they really don't want to play with me and they don't like me."
me-"Ellie if they didn't want to play with you and if they didn't like you then you would not have been invited to the party. Go play with your friends and have a good time. Don't worry and fret, they like you."

Oh my gosh, she is just like me. I think these things every time I walk in a room full of people. Because I deal with these thoughts I don't know how in the world to change her way of thinking. I don't know how to get her to not think so negatively about herself.

I am so glad that after we walked out of the bathroom she seemed to relax and have a good time.

Monday, November 9, 2009

In the end, LOVE WINS!

I read this blog today that just really hit somethings.

When it comes to the end
When you've lost all you had
and nothing is to be trusted.

All you can hold onto is that some day Love will win and things can be restored.

The end may be a long way off and I may be removed from the situation but in the end LOVE WINS!!!!

I've been struggling a lot lately with what the body of Christ is supposed to be and what the reality of the body of Christ is. When you invest yourself so much and no one notices when things aren't right, when no one cares.

Where, What, is the body of Christ?

Because I haven't experienced the body of Christ in a long time.

What I have experienced makes me wonder if God is up there just shaking his head.

I think the body of Christ are Christ followers. People who love Christ and others. We don't have to be each others best friend but a genuine love b/c you are another human, a part of the body of Christ. You can love someone and not be their best friend. The body of Christ should be a care for each other unit. We should look out for one another not fight against one another. If we don't look out for each other no one else is. We should speak, ooze, love for others. Not love if your my friend, if I decide to like you. Christ told us to love one another. We should care for each other and want what's best for each other. We should also be willing to love those deemed unlovable by the world. Jesus loved sinners why can't we? Why can't we love the sinner and not the sin. Just because we love the sinner doesn't mean we condone the sin or agree with their lifestyle. I don't like gay marriage but that doesn't mean that I am going to treat a gay man/woman any differently. If I do how in the world will they ever see the love of Christ.
Can you imagine if Jesus had treated the woman at the well as if she were unworthy of love. Things would have been drastically different. I think his ministry would have taken a large hit.

Just my ramblings. Francis Chan hit the Body of Christ on the head in his talk at the NYWC in Nashville. Maybe we need to watch it again and be reminded of what the Body of Christ should be.

After writing all this I then ran onto this blog while I was deciding whether I post my thoughts or not.
I think too often people check out your blog to see what you have to say, they never comment or let on that they read your blog but you know they do. Like my mom, I know she reads my blog but she doesn't ever comment or say anything. So sometimes I try to caution myself in what I type. But any more I am not sure I care. I have been in conversations with people about others blogs and them trying to figure out who it's about. Why do we read someone's blog and assume it's about one person. There are a lot of people in the world! So I have always been afraid that someone would read my blog and think is she talking about me. I am rambling but I guess what I am trying to say is that this is my blog, this is how I feel, if you don't like it or you are going to assume what I write is about you then stop reading my blog.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

2 months

Lilly is 2 months old today. Here are a couple pics I took of her.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The 50's

Today at school they celebrated the 50th day of school.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Mommy Time

When is one's sense of what's cool, new and upcoming go by the wayside? When does one loose their sense of style and slip into the comfort zone?

I'll tell you when, it's now! It's this stage of life I'm in now. It happens when your world is filled with Disney, Nursery Rhymes, Children's books and Kid's music.

It happens when "I'm a little tea pot" takes the place of the new, hip, just released song.

It happens when "The Little Engine that Could" takes the place of the new release.

It happens when "The Little Mermaid" takes place of the stand in line all night newly released movie comes out.

It happens when you come to the end of the day and realized you haven't spoken to another adult.

It happens when you get spit up on so much that putting on something nice seems senseless.

So I may grow old and not know who the new and upcoming artist is, or what the hottest movies out are, or read Dan Brown's most recent ideas, but

I will know the words and motions to "I'm a little teapot"

I will be able to recreate "The Little Mermaid" in costume

I will be able to recite "The Little Engine that Could"

I won't care if they only people I talk to are my kids

Someday the spit up and the snotty noses will go away

I will look back and cherish every moment I have had with my kids. I don't want to forget any moment or regret not doing something with my kids. Sometimes I feel like I have been put on a shelf but it's worth it. I love my kids and would give up anything for them.
Someday they will be gone and on their own and I will be one good grandma!

I am not saying this happens to every mom.

Ellie fits in at Old Navy

So I forgot to post these pictures yesterday. While in Old Navy Ellie decided to fit in.

She cracks me up.

Monday, November 2, 2009

What a weekend!

We ventured to my parents for the weekend. This was Lilly's first road trip. Eli was in Cincy for the weekend for the Nation Youth Workers Convention. I am bummed that I didn't get to go but you'll have that. So here's some bits a pieces of the weekend.
Saturday was Lilly's first Halloween.

I tried to get some things done while I had someone to watch my kids. My mom took me to lunch at Chick fil a, and it was awesome as always. I love that place. Then we went and did a little shopping. I found a couple Christmas presents for Silas and we had to get a birthday present for one of Ellie's friends. We went to Old Navy just for the heck of it and I ended up with 6 shirts and a Jacket for 27 bucks. I think that's a great deal. Our shopping trip ended with a stop at Once Upon a Child. I found a Close and Secure Sleeper for Lilly. These retail for anywhere from 45-60 dollars. I was so thrilled to find one for 15! Here is a pic of her first night in it.

I don't think I got her far enough up in it, she found her way out.
Saturday night was well of course Trick or Treat. We trick or treated in the neighborhood I grew up in. It was always so crazy. We always hundreds of kids who would walk around our neighborhood. I remember one year my mom bought like 600 pieces of candy and giving one piece to each kid she ran out early. This year was a little different. Only half the houses in the neighborhood give out candy so the number of kids was cut to about 1/4 I would say. Here's a pic my dad took during trick or treat.

So here are the pics that everyone would rather see.

The kids had a good time and it was fun to see people I had gone to school with out trick or treating with their kids. When we got home from trick or treating I got a treat in my email from Eli. He ran into Shane and Shane and had them make a video to me. It was cool. I love their music! The words of the songs are just awesome and their style of music is just so calming, it speaks to my heart.

Sunday we went to church and went to lunch afterwards. We went to Panera, YIPEE!! I love that place. They were sampling a new bagel that didn't come out until Monday but the lady found out I was out of town and sold me a couple. I would much rather buy the bagels that I like from there then settling for what I can get at my local Walmart.
We had a great weekend hanging with my parents. I think I had a good weekend even though I didn't get to go to youth workers. I got my favorite Pizza, Chicken, and Bagels. A Little shopping, time with the Parents and lots of fun with the kids.
That's it, What a weekend.