Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This weeks rewind.

Wednesday was a lazy day. We hung out at the house and cleaned the kids bedroom. I was able to get rid of 4 garbage bags of toys. In the afternoon we went to hang out with Paul while Sarah got her hair cut. Ellie really enjoyed this, she loves Paul. This evening Ellie had play practice at church. Then we just relaxed at home.

Thursday was laundry day at the McKells. I did sheets and then went into everyone's bedroom and cleaned out all the dirty clothes that didn't make it to the hampers. I got talked out of going to water aerobics. Eli made Chinese for dinner, it was so good! The evening ended with some very irritating eye burning for Ellie and I. Needless to say we cleaned out our eyes and went to bed.

Friday was a busy day! It started with the smell that awaited us when we stepped out the door. Needless to say we have to have the septic tank cleaned out and the leech bed redone. Because I cleaned the dirty clothes out of everyone's rooms I had 8 loads of laundry to do. I got them all done, almost. When I left the socks and underwear were drying and the towels were sitting in the washer waiting to be dried. Luckily Peg doesn't mind to change them out. The kids and I stayed home from the game and 5th quarter. I had to make food for my Emmaus meeting the next day.

Saturday morning was taken up by my Emmaus meeting. That afternoon was filled with some relaxing. In the evening I had to go to the grocery to get milk and assorted things for the youth to eat. When I arrived home I went to put the milk in the fridge and when I opened it I had a nice surprise waiting on me. We have cans of pop in our fridge. They are usually kept in the door but a friend came over and put her diet pop in the back of the fridge on the top shelf, 4 cans. Well one of the cans had frozen and exploded ALL over the fridge, ALL over everything! Nothing else in the freezer had frozen, I dunno. I am sure some science nerd could explain but it exploded and I had to clean it up. So everything came out of the fridge and I wiped down the fridge, wiped down every item in there and then put it all back. Relaxation was over at this point so I just kept cleaning.

Sunday was a busy day as always. Worship was great!! And Steve's message was AWESOME, oh wait I said that already. It was what I needed to hear and something I need to work on. I need to get past being afraid of what people will think of me and show emotion when I need to. We went home and hand homemde french breadpizza forlunch and bannana pudding with vanilla wafers for dessert, yummy! Eli had a meeting so the kids and I took a short nap before heading in for Ellie's tryouts. Ellie had musical tryouts and practice that evening. We also had youth which was good. We had a great turn out. Then it was home for the night. We watched livechurch.tv where Carlos Whittaker lead worship. It was really cool.

Monday morning started with the septic man coming to clean out our septic tank. After the Septic man left we headed to Chillicothe to do laundry. Then it was back home. Ellie and Silas found ways to occupy themselves while I did 40 minutes of step aerobics on the Wii Fit. I made Chicken Parmesan for dinner and we had a friend come over to hang out for a bit.

Tuesday we headed to Chillicothe yet again to do laundry. We picked Eli up after work and headed home. I had water aerobics this evening. While I was at water aerobics Eli fixed the video chat on the Mini so now we can video chat with all our kids who have gone away to college. I had some dinner and then headed to bed. But the night did not end there. I was awakened to peg leg (Silas and his broken leg) coming towards my bedroom. He needed a diaper change, oh my favorite thing to do at 2AM. He couldn't go back to sleep so I took him to bed with me. By the time we got back to bed my head was thumping. I had crazy dreams, i guess because of the head ache. Well at 4AM here came Ellie. This leads into...

Wednesday. I am tired! I haven't accomplished a whole lot today. I could have used a pot of coffee this morning. Not much has happened this afternoon but this evening is another story. Ellie has musical practice at 6 and then I am meeting a friend for toppings at 7:30. This evening we are supposed to make Rice Crispy treats, Brownies, and chocolate chip cookies for Kiaros.

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