Monday, May 19, 2008


  i have so much on my mind and heart that i want either blog about, air or share with a friend.  i am not sure which i will do yet. 

but i recently heard a prominent christan author say something that i am not sure i understand. 

i know that in my upbringing in church there have been some things that the whole picture was never revealed just bits and pieces.  and sometimes i was not aware of how things really are and what was being said and what it means to really live life as a christian.

but i heard this author say "i believe there is one mountain and many paths to get there."  referring to heaven.  

now i am pretty open to lots of things and i am even open when the things that i have been taught in sunday school get rocked. 

but  how do you disputed jesus saying i am the only way. 

if there are many ways to get there then why is society so concerned with bring people to christ. 

why don't we just all live our separate lives with our separate faiths if we are all getting there anyways. 

i am a little confused

i don't want to argue so please don't

i am just curious about something i heard and confused

maybe i took the statement the wrong way i can do that 


still curious and confused
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Sunday, May 11, 2008


Happy Mother's Day, Mom.