Saturday, September 13, 2008

I am so ashamed!

I am so upset with my self. I cleaned all day yesterday and I started in my bed room. Here is the picture of what I cleaned out of my drawers and closet that I never wear.

I divided it all up and bagged it according to what it was, 12 bags. Here is the picture of that.

After everything was sorted I listed it all on a yahoo group called the ross county trader. I sold 8 bags along with a bag of old formal gowns from high school and a bag of toys. I started to feel bad about selling them but I guess it's the same as having a yard sale. And after seeing and hearing some of the situation the people were in I didn't feel bad at all. I received plenty of Thank yous for selling these at yard sale prices. I am glad I could help some people out.
I do feel bad about having waited so long to clean out all the clothes that I haven't worn for years. It does feel good hat I can see in my closet now and I have room enough in my drawers to close them.

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