Monday, November 23, 2009

Kool aid

Check out this blog. We've all loved kool aid since we were kids, right. So here recently when some one has make reference to someone drinking the Kool aid I didn't really understand. I had to ask for clarification, thanks honey! This blog just speaks volumes and volumes. Think about it!
Do you make others drunk on your junk?

Are you drunk on someones junk?

Do you have ritz that makes someone blitzed?

Are you blitzed with someones ritz and don't know it?

Do you shield others from reality?

Are you being shielded from reality?

Wow what a good blog! Something for all of us to think about today.

Thanks Carlos for stirring up something we all need to think about and be aware of.

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Carlos said...

You are welcome ma'am. ;)