Monday, November 2, 2009

What a weekend!

We ventured to my parents for the weekend. This was Lilly's first road trip. Eli was in Cincy for the weekend for the Nation Youth Workers Convention. I am bummed that I didn't get to go but you'll have that. So here's some bits a pieces of the weekend.
Saturday was Lilly's first Halloween.

I tried to get some things done while I had someone to watch my kids. My mom took me to lunch at Chick fil a, and it was awesome as always. I love that place. Then we went and did a little shopping. I found a couple Christmas presents for Silas and we had to get a birthday present for one of Ellie's friends. We went to Old Navy just for the heck of it and I ended up with 6 shirts and a Jacket for 27 bucks. I think that's a great deal. Our shopping trip ended with a stop at Once Upon a Child. I found a Close and Secure Sleeper for Lilly. These retail for anywhere from 45-60 dollars. I was so thrilled to find one for 15! Here is a pic of her first night in it.

I don't think I got her far enough up in it, she found her way out.
Saturday night was well of course Trick or Treat. We trick or treated in the neighborhood I grew up in. It was always so crazy. We always hundreds of kids who would walk around our neighborhood. I remember one year my mom bought like 600 pieces of candy and giving one piece to each kid she ran out early. This year was a little different. Only half the houses in the neighborhood give out candy so the number of kids was cut to about 1/4 I would say. Here's a pic my dad took during trick or treat.

So here are the pics that everyone would rather see.

The kids had a good time and it was fun to see people I had gone to school with out trick or treating with their kids. When we got home from trick or treating I got a treat in my email from Eli. He ran into Shane and Shane and had them make a video to me. It was cool. I love their music! The words of the songs are just awesome and their style of music is just so calming, it speaks to my heart.

Sunday we went to church and went to lunch afterwards. We went to Panera, YIPEE!! I love that place. They were sampling a new bagel that didn't come out until Monday but the lady found out I was out of town and sold me a couple. I would much rather buy the bagels that I like from there then settling for what I can get at my local Walmart.
We had a great weekend hanging with my parents. I think I had a good weekend even though I didn't get to go to youth workers. I got my favorite Pizza, Chicken, and Bagels. A Little shopping, time with the Parents and lots of fun with the kids.
That's it, What a weekend.

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