Sunday, November 22, 2009

2009 RVCC Amazing Race

So today was the 2009 Amazing Race at River Valley. The youth leaders got to be drivers this year with much thanks to the Jr. High leaders who planned the race. I was on a team with Taylor Evans, Carter Good, Adam Tiu, and Chase Montovan. We had a blast. The race involved much running but I will recover in a couple days. My favorite line from the day was "Jen, you ran! You've got speed." I am sure I looked goofy running across the church parking lot but hey it's all for the team. We kicked footballs, collected food for the food pantry, ran around a graveyard, ate some interesting food items, went fishing, and ended with the Pledge of Allegiance at the new vet memorial in Waverly. We were the second team back at the church but after all the added points we ended up in third. I think my team did such a good job at helping each other and being polite and nice to the people around us. I am proud of them. We made a great team. Thank you guys for a great evening. Thank you Jr. High team for working out all the details and planning it so we could participate in the race. It was a fun time.

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ESnod said...

Sounds like it was a great evening! I could see the smile on your face while you were typing this! Awesome. This brings a smile to my face too!