Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Mommy Time

When is one's sense of what's cool, new and upcoming go by the wayside? When does one loose their sense of style and slip into the comfort zone?

I'll tell you when, it's now! It's this stage of life I'm in now. It happens when your world is filled with Disney, Nursery Rhymes, Children's books and Kid's music.

It happens when "I'm a little tea pot" takes the place of the new, hip, just released song.

It happens when "The Little Engine that Could" takes the place of the new release.

It happens when "The Little Mermaid" takes place of the stand in line all night newly released movie comes out.

It happens when you come to the end of the day and realized you haven't spoken to another adult.

It happens when you get spit up on so much that putting on something nice seems senseless.

So I may grow old and not know who the new and upcoming artist is, or what the hottest movies out are, or read Dan Brown's most recent ideas, but

I will know the words and motions to "I'm a little teapot"

I will be able to recreate "The Little Mermaid" in costume

I will be able to recite "The Little Engine that Could"

I won't care if they only people I talk to are my kids

Someday the spit up and the snotty noses will go away

I will look back and cherish every moment I have had with my kids. I don't want to forget any moment or regret not doing something with my kids. Sometimes I feel like I have been put on a shelf but it's worth it. I love my kids and would give up anything for them.
Someday they will be gone and on their own and I will be one good grandma!

I am not saying this happens to every mom.


Jessica said...

You have a great heart for your kids. Not every day is easy, but every day is worth it, right?! Besides, I think the true reason we learn "I'm a little tea pot" is exactly for the reason you mentioned...to prepare us to be the best grandmothers we can be! If it helps, I think you're super cool.

Roogles said...

I love you.