Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Girl

So we were driving to Chillicothe this morning.
Ellie says to me "What's a Mommy?" I responded with "a woman who has a kid." And this is where it went.

Ellie: "No Mom, a person wrapped in bandages"
Me: "Oh, sorry, you mean a Mummy"
Ellie "yeah what's that"
Me: "well when a person dies sometimes people wrap them in bandages when they bury them"
Ellie: "Oh like Jesus"
Me: "Well No..." I'm interrupted with this
Ellie: "I mean before he raised from the dead, they put bandages on him when he died."

I just agreed and let her be satisfied with that.
I love her way of thinking and how everything relates back to Jesus.


Jodi said...

that's sweet. i probably would have done/said the exact same thing :)

maryleigh said...

Children's conversations are amazing. When one of my sons was little, we'd had 2 pets hit by cars. Each time, we explained they were in heaven with Jesus. One day at church, he was explaining to someone that his GiGi (great grandmother) had died. "She's in heaven," he said. "She was hit by a car." He thought that to get into heaven, you had to be hit by a car. A few months later, he said, "Momma - I don't want to go to heaven. I don't want to get hit by a car." We had a great mom-son talk then. I enjoyed your story!