Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Been absent

Sorry that my blogging has been lacking lately. I am just not in the greatest spirits to be blogging. I am frustrated, tired and fed up with some attitudes and situations. But if I blog about these things it would just be bad because almost everyone who reads assumes your talking about them. So we will leave that at that. Assume what you want.

It has been a busy couple weeks. Ellie had her first dance recital, she did so good. I was so very proud of her! I cried the whole time she danced. And no I don't chalk it up to pregnancy hormones. I never imagined she knew as much as she did of the dance. We leave dance every week with me being a little frustrated thinking wonder what's going to happen on stage she doesn't know any of the dance. Well surprise mom, she knew almost the whole dance. Amazing! She tells me all the time that dance is boring and she seemed to not be paying attention at dance but evidently she was paying attention.

Oh and to end the blog. My friend Jessica has been blogging about her grocery store savings and it just blows my mind the amount of money she saves and the amazing deals she gets. I am trying very hard to use coupons and comparison shop. Well last week at the store Bologna was 2/2.00 and I had a $1.00 off coupon for 2. Which mean I only paid .50 a package. I wish I had more than one of those coupons. That's the best deal I've had but I'm proud of it and am going to try harder to find more bargains like that.

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Jessica said...

Yay, you're back. Sorry you're fed up with me (if it's me!). LOVE the dance pics, saw the video clip--she did do great! Oh, and on the coupons...YOU ROCK! That's a stellar savings, keep up the good work!