Thursday, December 1, 2011


It dawned on me tonight that it would be good to post about what we are doing for Advent. I made a Calendar.

I started it on the 28th, I should have started it on the 27th but I messed up. So we took the 27th to explain Advent to the kids and to start this devotional that I got to do with the kids. This devotional is very simple and easy for the kids to understand.
So with the Advent Calendar I put an activity for us to do as a family for each day. So far we have done the following;
Nov. 28th-Set up the Nativity
Nov. 29th-Watch a movie about Jesus and Christmas
Nov. 30th-hang up the Christmas countdown
Dec. 1st.- Start reading The Best Christmas Pagent Ever.
tomorrow we are suppose to make a wreath made from cut outs of the kids hands.
I think this is going to be fun and hopefully it will encourage family bonding and being more aware of the reason for Christmas. I know that my kids know that we have Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus. But to often Santa and the hype gets in the way. I don't think the thought of Santa is entirely bad. I think that putting Santa above and before Jesus is when we get into trouble. The idea of Santa came from a great account that all kids need to learn about.

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