Thursday, December 1, 2011

Monthly Menu

When my life becomes unorganized I can't think clearly. I like to have lists and schedules for everything. I can be spontaneous but it is becoming less and less the older I get. I like to be prepared for what's coming. Before Thanksgiving I was had everything organized and was ready for things through the end of the year. I was ready for Advent, for gifts, for activities, for almost everything. Last week I even sat down and planned out a menu for the month. I have every meal scheduled breakfast, lunch and dinner. I started to get really down on myself the other day because I hadn't had the menu up 2 days and already had to change it. I had to stop myself and let myself be flexible and not beat myself up because I couldn't fulfill the plan for dinner that night. I had to tell myself that it was okay and sometimes day and evenings get hectic and you just have to rearrange things and it's okay to rearrange. So I am trying to stick with the menu and be okay with changing it up a bit.

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