Tuesday, February 23, 2010

top 5

Top 5 food staples.

A. if i could ONLY buy five food items and my family had to survive on those 5 alone...
1. eggs
2. peanut butter
3. chicken
4. bread
5. cereal

B. if i was only thinking about the top 5 items that i currently always need to have in the house...
1. peanut butter
2. bread
3. milk
4. turkey pepperoni
5. cheese

C. if i had a top five that were ONLY for ME, but not for survival (see list A.)...
1. cinnamon stick tea bags
2. pepsi
3. Crispix
4. noodles
5. pizza

D. if i only think about what the kids always want in the house...
1. peanut butter
2. milk
3. yogurt
4. crackers
5. chicken nuggets

I read this on another blog and thought it was interesting to think about and then look at after it's answered.

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