Thursday, February 18, 2010


So I have been struggling with what to give up for Lent. Last year I gave up frivolous spending and started recycling. We are to this day still recycling.
But I think I have finally decided. I am giving up TV from 11-5 during the week. There is nothing worth watching and the tv it just on for background noise anyways. So I have decided to turn off the tv and instead I will feed everyone lunch, get everyone down for rest time and then I will spend my time reading, blogging, writing a journal (which will probably be in blog format) and praying.

Now the only set back to no TV from 11-5 is The Olympics. What in the world is a girl to do?? I guess I will miss them. There are only a few events that I have left that I want to see.

Hopefully this will put me in the practice of spending some time without the tv on. Spending some time in the quiet stillness of the house.

Someone said why don't you give up TV all together is 11-5 really a sacrifice. I guess no it's not a huge sacrifice but I find the more important aspect is what I am going to do with that time outside of my mommy duties. Spending time reading, writing a journal and praying is a lot better than curled up on the couch watching a Soap Opera, Extra or something like that.

So this year for me Lent is more about getting in the practice of doing something rewarding instead of wasting those hours to something worthless.


Jessica said...

Something one of our pastors shared about Lent:

"My understanding of Scriptures is that the Old Testament practices and traditions are no longer required, but, at the same time, disciplining ourselves is always a good thing, if done with the right motive and purpose. For that reason, I would encourage the practice of lent by giving something up of value during this period to spend more time focusing on the true value of Christ. I see great opportunities in this to build family traditions, celebrate Christ together, and personally build a person’s character in Christ.
I believe we are no longer bound by rules, but are now bound by grace, if a person wants to practice lent, I think they should write their own rules for their practice of lent based on what they want to accomplish and how disciplined they need to be. The key, however, is more about taking on than it is giving up. The end goal is to take on more of Christ as one gives up something of value. This is actually a good discipline to have throughout the year.
In my opinion, if a person is concentrating more on the discipline and his or her ability to keep a rule then he or she is still living under the law system. If, however, one is concentrating on the focus of Christ then he or she is truly living by grace. That should always be encouraged. However we celebrate or don’t celebrate Lent, let’s all take time preparing our hearts for Easter and reminding ourselves of the sacrifice Christ gave on our behalf. That has to be good for all believers."
*I agree! I don't think it's about giving up all TV or anything like're aware of other options for your time that you believe could benefit you and your family spiritually and as a structure, that's awesome! Good luck w/ your new endeavors!

Sarah said...

Great idea. Not also great for you but this is something that I think is also great to teach your children. What ever happend to going to play outside all day, reading, or drawing?