Saturday, July 18, 2009

She's 5!

Today we let Ellie choose what we had for breakfast and she chose Cinnamon Toast Waffles and Bacon, Yummy! We gave her presents to her at breakfast.
She was so excited for today. Last night when I went to bed at 11:35 she was laying in bed eyes wide as could be and she looked at em and said "Tomorrow's my Birthday."
This morning we also let her try some Dew for breakfast, hey it's her birthday! I am not sure she liked it but she is trying.
One of her presents was a gumball machine. She was allowed to try a piece after she finished her breakfast, I don't think she liked it at all. But she keeps asking to try another piece. She has waited so long I think she is determined to like it no matter what. Here are some pics of this morning.

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Jessica said...

Wow, 5 already! I remember when I first saw her, she was a tiny baby, it was at some big gathering in Rio...maybe DP's big bday celebration? You guys are such great parents, guiding and nurturing her, and bringing her up to be the greatest little lady! Happy Birthday to Ellie!