Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My So-Called Vacation

So I have been on vacation I guess. Since I haven't had to babysit Paul, since the Rittenour's went on vacation I guess this is kind of my vacation too.

We spent the first day, Wednesday, cleaning the house. It was needed and I figured if I got it all done on Wednesday then I could rest the remainder of the week.

Thursday the kids and I got up and headed to my parents house for what I thought was just one night for me. The plan was to take the kids spend the night and leave on Friday afternoon. On the way to my parents I found a yard sale at the top of their street so we stopped. I hit it hard it was a good yard sale. That afternoon I ran some errands to some local stores that are not so local to us. The kids had fun swimming in the pool that Nanny and Pop bought for the grandkids.
Friday I got up and headed out to a couple more yard sales. After I was done going to yard sales I got:
For Silas:
Gap Winter Coat
Buzz Lightyear Sweatshirt
Gap pants
Lucky Ducks Game
A big Buzz Lightyear and Woody dolls
For Ellie:
5 pr. Pants, Jenas, Athletic & dressy
2 long sleeve shirts
A Jacket
A scooter
For Lilly:
A couple sleepers
A swaddler thing for sleeping
Everything was in great condition! I think I did good.
After the yard sales we were sitting around the house and my dad walked over to get the neighbors paper and he was walking back up their driveway and noticed that my back tires on my van were not sitting correctly. To make a long story short it needed new tires and they thought it just needed and alignment but no the back axel was 3/4 of the way cracked though and was making the tires off. Could have broken at any moment while I was driving it. The part doesn't come in till tomorrow and then who knows how long it will take to fix it. That kind of put a damper on the vacation.
The rest of Friday was spent with family, swimming and eating pizza. Oh yeah and I made my mom watch Mamma Mia.
I had to spend the night Friday night cause I couldn't drive my van. I sadly missed the scrap booking event at RVCC, I was bummed!

So Saturday Eli got up and came and picked me up. Before heading out of town he took me to McHappy's so I could get a donut. What a man!!! Too bad I didn't get any Broughton's Chocolate milk while I was there, it's the best. Anyway, Eli came and got me and we headed home. That evening we headed to Ashland, KY to hear the MFE open up for Big Daddy Weave. For those of you that don't know the MFE is one of our Church Worship bands and they also do a lot of gig's outside of church. They are so good and they have a heart for Jesus and getting his message out. They do such a good job and leading those of us who are not musically inclined into musical worship. They are so good but I am biased. They did such a good job at the concert. They had people asking all of us how to book them. Oh I almost forgot we had MFE shirts on that were made just for the night. Before the concert we ate at Chick-Fil-A, yummy! Then we headed for some coffee at Starbucks. While at Starbucks a huge storm came in, crazy rain and all. While sitting in the concert we find out that there were tornado's in Ross and Pike Counties. So I became nervous. Thank the Lord we were not as effected as others. When we got home our skiritng was down and under the house. So we had to sit that up and a piece is missing. But thank you Jesus our house was ok and safe.

Sunday Eli spoke at church and did a great job! Then we had lunch with some great friends at Cardo's. The rest of the afternoon was filled with Lounging about. Then for youth we headed out to Pike Lake for the youth campout. Luke lead worship while Sarah painted and then Luke had a small devotion. It was really nice. We headed back to have a campfire with an evening activity followed by S'mores.

Monday, I took Eli to work so I could have the car. I headed to Kohl's and then over to The Salvation Army. At the Salvation Army kids clothing was all 75% off. I am currently trying to find some fall clothing because I am afraid after Lilly get here I am not going to be able to get some things for Ellie and Silas so I want to be prepared. I got 35 articles of clothing and 2 pairs of shoes for 18.99. Amazing! Everything was in really good shape, not stains or anything. I think the kids are almost set for fall and Winter. It was a great sale. The rest of the day I spent here and there in stores that I can't typically go with the kids, just for the heck of it. Mom and Dad brought the kids back Monday night and we enjoyed dinner together before they headed back home.

Today, I slept in, YIPEEE! Eli is at work so we are here for the day. I am going to finish the Laundry and the bathroom needs cleaned. Cleaning the bathroom is getting to be a hard job. And then I think I will spend the afternoon scrap booking since I missed the scrap booking event at RVCC Friday night.

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