Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is three a crowd??

Wonder what will come with number three. I was reading Motherhood Uncensored today and she was talking about her oldest and things that happened when the third came along.
It made me wonder what will develop with Ellie and Silas when little Roogles comes. I think having Paul here everyday helps but he goes home. Baby Roogles isn't leaving giving them just mommy for several hours ever afternoon.
When Silas came Ellie really did well. Of course a little baby talk came and she did somethings to get attention. Nothing bad just something for us to take notice that she was still here.
It really wasn't a hard transition having a second child for her. I think the hardest was on me. I just felt like I was in a constant whirl wind and it's wasn't giving up. Sometimes I look back and think where was I? What happened in Silas' first year of life? I must scrapbook it soon, what I can remember.
Sometimes people look at me and say why is she acting like that. Attention! She's not bad, she just wants everyone to be aware of what she's doing and give their approval and acceptance. She's not doing it to be annoying even though sometimes even for me i find my self annoyed. Shame on me! She's 4, I need to remember that. She loves to talk to people, to ask questions, that's how she learns. She loves to talk to adults. I think she seeks adults approval in all she does. She loves attention. She received a lot of attention from everyone around her since she's been born. Ellie is a loving child and can be cuddly at times.
Silas is my loving, compassionate, cuddly boy! He will cuddle all times of the day with everyone he loves. And I think sometimes Ellie thinks that he gets more attention than she does so she needs to do something to be noticed. Not because she doesn't want Silas to have attention but because she needs to have attention.
So I think we are going to start dividing up our day differently. Maybe we need to take naps at different times. So that when Silas is down Ellie and I can play games, read, make things, ect... And when Ellie is down Silas and I can cuddle, play games, read, ect... I dunno just a thought. It means I don't get a quiet moment but since Paul takes a nap earlier that Ellie and Silas I don't get a quiet moment anyways. Hmm, we may have to experiment the rest of this week.
So I am trying to keep in mind that there is another Ruggles on the way and I need to start adjusting now and preparing them now. I don't want this to rock my world or theirs.
So this week I am going to work on:
Separate alone time with the kids
Patience with Ellie: she just wants some undivided attention.
Togetherness: They both need uninterrupted togetherness.


Jodi said...

I like your thoughts on how the kids act. I find CJ tries to seek attention from us. Not because he's jealous of anyone, but I think because he misses the motherly things his mom does for him. Like, he used to limp around the house or tell us he jammed his finger that day... I would ask Jon why he did that stuff. It's not that we didn't care, but I guess he just wanted the attention of a motherly figure to kiss it and make it go away.

I don't really know what kind of a girl I am.....-Juno said...

You're a good mom Jen! I can't wait to come hang out with you! We can hang out and laugh at the funny things the munchkins do! I miss you bunches!

Jessica said...

I'm certain you'll all find a way to balance w/ three beautiful kids, you're a fabulous family! I get the whole thing about one-on-one time with each kids nap at the same time, so that's my only "break" in the day, which I often need! Then when they're both up I've got to balance reading and playing and chores, which is tough. Like you brought up, if we alternate naps, there's one-on-one time w/ each individual precious child, but then it's a non-stop rotation of mommy duties, right? I tried both and chose a routine that worked for us, and hopefully you're experiment will let ya know what works best for you guys! Good luck!