Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A friend sent me this quote today and I really liked it.

Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure. -- Jewish Saying

A friend and I have been talking a lot lately about friends in general. It seems that when you are on the mountain friends are abundant but when you are in the valley it seems that friends are scarce. It's in those valleys that you find out who your true and faithful friends are.

I am not saying I am in a valley so don't read more into this. We have just talked a lot about finding out who your true friends are.

Sometimes it seems that we have friends out of convenience, it happens to us all. And it's okay to have friends like that. I have just learned through the years there are only those select few that you can and want to bear your soul too. Sometimes friends from convenience are necessary.

I think to often we worry and fret over who our friends are. So what if someone doesn't want to get to know us. So what if someone assumes they know us without sitting down and having a conversation with us. So what if someone thinks they have us figured out and know where our heart is.

I need to stop worry about what everyone thinks about me cause those that have taken the time to really get to know me and know where my heart is, are my true friends. And those that keep all my secrets and are there on the mountain and in the valley are my faithful friends.

My friends are my treasure!
Thanks Gals.


Jessica said...

I know you sort of inherited me as a friend by marriage, but you're certainly the kinda gal I'd luv to have as a dear friend! Have a beautiful week!

Jenn Ruggles said...

Hey thanks! It's great that I have inherited you as a friend by marriage. I wish we lived closer together, we could have a lot of fun.

valerie said...

i needed to hear a lot of that. i love u and i miss u

Jessica said...

We're still working on the living closer part...so ready to leave here. So if you hear of anything, keep us in mind!

theviolinist said...

all friends are treasures...whether you are in a deep relationship with them or not...unfortunately there is not enough time in the day to be as involved in the life of every friend that you have...not possible! but you can be open and real with ALL of those friends whether you speak with them regularly or not. though i am definitely not as good a friend as i'd like to be, those that know me best are not offended when we haven't spoken in ages, we just take up where we left off!

Sarah said...

I love you friend : )