Monday, October 20, 2008

God is #1

I am really proud of Ellie. I must admit that through the practices of this musical I was very skeptical as to how Ellie would do. She has had some changes recently and that can really effect a four year old's behavior. I have been riding in the car with her and I knew that she knew every word to every song along with the motions. But i was still curious as to what would happen when she got on stage. I think she did a good job. She had some distractions but what 4 yr. old wouldn't when Nanny, Pop, Mama and Papa are sitting in the front row.
She did a good job on her solo. I could hear her because i was in the front row. I'm not sure anyone else could but oh well.

We had a great time. We had family and some friends over afterwards for Pasta bake and cake. It was a good evening.
Thanks to all of you who make Ellie feel special and love her. She loves you all very much.


lauren. said...

i had to miss this because of work but i hope someone recorded it because i want to hear ellie's solo so bad =)

Jenn said...

sorry, but even if you find someone who recorded it your not going to be able to hear Ellie. The microphone wasn't working. The only reason why I heard her was because I was in the front row.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the pasta bake and cake...yummm!

valerie said...

i love ellie.
she was so cute. i miss u guys