Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Amazing Race

I must say The RVCC Third Annual Amazing Race was awesome. I am sure there are some great stories to come in the following days. But I must say from where I was stationed there are a couple of things that were funny.

1. There was one person that was so competitive you just had to chuckle. It was quite funny to watch said person at our challenge.
2. Tesa and I were sitting at the North end of the High School Football field right under the goal post. As we sat there people came to get their daily exercise in by walking around the track. As people would pass behind us we could hear them snickering and talking. We imagined that they were trying to figure out why we were sitting there under the goal post doing nothing just sitting there. And of course no team showed up to do the challenge while the people were their exercising. I bet we looked pretty funny just sitting there doing nothing.

I think a good time was had by all. Great fellowship and fun! Can't wait till next year.

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T5Guy said...

I am not that "said" person.... :)

Tyler falling off the cliff!

Seth getting hog poop all over his shoes, knee and my jeep.

Sarah going into a road rage due to very slow drivers!

I rolled my ankle running down the drive of the old cemetery and taking the Scioto Trails Scenic Tour and the posted speed limit!

Awesome time! My teammates were fantastic Amazing Racers!