Saturday, November 17, 2007


today started with a little sleeping in. but we managed to get up and make it over for the general session. we were a little late but thanks to marty we had seats. i went to sit and eli got us starbucks for breakfast. shane and shane were first up this morning. they were so good! i really like there voices, it was just them and a guitar, i loved it. marko came out on stage with that shirt a shirt that had puke all over it, you know the one he dared to wear in cincy. ha ha just kiddin. he was sportin' his team. then chris tomlin lead worship and phyllis tickle spoke. after the general session i had a women's lunch to go to but i had a scattered thought. there i was with 10 minutes till the lunch started standing beside shane waiting to get my pick with them. i was the first in line so that was a bonus. they are so very nice, i hope that as they become more know they don't change the way they act towards there fans. well i got my pics with them and was headed off to the lunch. it was neat there were questions to get us talking and we ate and jeanne stevens talked for a few moments. she is so very nice! after the lunch it was off to find eli to show him what i had been up too. he thought i went straight to the lunch, he didn't realize that my scattered thought lead me back to shane and shane's table. so we sat and talked and i finished the show floor. yes i finally finished walking the whole show floor, it only took 3 tries. liveworship had the osu game on in their booth so i kept checking it. during the 3rd quarter we decided lunch was in high demand. so we thought let's go to hsu's i had downloaded their lunch menu off the website. so after walking for 40 minutes to find it, we were led on a wild goose chase by some homeless man (silly us), they were closed. so we ended up across the street at mama nanifa's. it was a mexican rest. the food was okay. then eli and i thought we would discover atlanta a little, we had some time to kill. and marko said it was ok to miss some of the things at the conference. so we decided to check out the peachtree mall, mistake we couldn't find the 70 stores they advertised. so eli said "let's ride the marta back" okay my feet were hurting sounded good to me. well when we got our passes we headed down. it was funny because eli and i both agreed that the ride down to the trains reminded us of hungry, the escalator just wasn't going as fast. we get down there, ok so far. we rode the train to five points station where we had to get off and switch trains, actually pretty easy process. but we decided to take a detour to the underground. it's like an underground mall. let's just say eli and i were quickly out of place. as we were walking in a girl behind me said "*&@* these white people are slow" hmm maybe we should have turned around then and headed back to the comfort and security of the convention. but we pressed on. we didn't stay very long, let's just say i didn't feel secure. so we get back to the marta station and we find where we are supposed to be. as we get down to the bottom of the stairs i hear someone yelling "just get your hands where i can see them" umm well... we turn the corner and there is like 10 cops and a guy. they guy is arguing with the cop and she keeps saying to him "you just ensued a riot" what? glad we missed that part of the situation. as we were standing there it seems that some kids were bothering him and he was yelling at them and as he was yelling something that wasn't appropriate his phone rang and he reached inside his coat pocket to get it. i guess people must have flipped out by the way the officer was talking. we know this because we had to stand there and endure the whole thing while we waited on our train. we make it back to the conference center. it's like 5:45 and i am ready to get in line to get into the general session. only because i actually wanted to see louie as he spoke. so there i was at the front of the line by the ropes where i wanted to go in. when people started going i ran, full force ran. i got the exact seats i wanted, i did good. some guy got two seat beside me and one of his friends came up and said "where's mine seat?" and he said "dude that girl, me, smoked me" i felt good. ha ha how funny how something so small and stupid can make us feel good for a moment. anywho a guy got up and did some amazing balancing things. then a band called family force 5, can i just say "ummmm ok." i like a lot of different groups but this group i didn't really care for. they were fun to watch but i didn't care for their songs. after they were done there were two comedians, they were funny. i thought i was going to fall on the floor laughing when the one guy was talking about his wife going to sleep every night at 9:15. just laugh it was funny trust me, you had to be there. i guess i thought it was so funny because that is so me. louie giglio spoke this evening, it was ok. i have heard him speak and heard other talks that i thought were a lot better. eli and i left early to grab a seat for the comedy show. let me say last year i did not like the comedy show at all! i don't know if it was pregnancy hormones last year or just the comedians but i didn't think they were funny. this year however, i about peed my pants. they were so stinkin' funny. the three acts were: bill arnold, jeff allen and brian and dave. i think that jeff allen was my favorite but they were all so funny. brian and dave sing funny songs, we got there cd's, funny stuff. i really enjoyed it this year. we left and headed back to our hotel and were stopped by a guy. let me paint the picture for you. a black guy dressed in a turtleneck, button up shirt, sports coat, with nice shoes on and nice stylin glasses, shorter than me. approached us and here is what he told us while holding a hotel key to the Hyatt and a wade of cash. man i am a research student at yale, and i am in town to give a presentation on low birth weights ad something else. and i accidentally left my laptop with all my research and my presentation in the cab. i am hiv positive and need to take my meds that were in my bag in the car. i found a cvs and i have 31 dollars and my meds are 38 after my insurance, can you help me. he also gave us a big story about how he had talked to a cop and he wouldn't help him. we were had weren't we. we only gave him 10 so it's no that big of a deal. but that seems like such an elaborate story to just get 10 bucks. oh well over and done with hopefully he really needed help. i don't make it a practice to give people money but for some reason i felt like we should have. maybe i just have too much hope that he really needed help, i hope that's not the case though.
in reflection of today, i don't like atlanta. i felt much better about chicago than i do here.
well it's very late and i am so tired, time to sleep.

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