Sunday, November 18, 2007


today has already been very exciting. we arrived at the convention center at 9. i immediately went and got in line to get a seat for the general session. i was able to get the front row of the cheap seats for us, the fords, alan and ed. Crowder was great! the rest of the david crowder band was great too. i noticed that afterwards he was taking pics with people so i made eli come with me to take my pic with him. eli had the opportunity to meet him last year in cincy. he stood in line for 2 1/2 hours to get his book signed and get a pic. i elected to not stand in line last year basically because my pregnant body couldn't take anymore. so this was a real treat for me. i am very stoked. i like david crowder, his has a big heart. he is compassionate, loving and real!

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Tersie said...

awww Jenn! I'm jealous. And now I feel bad for feeling jealousy. heh ... cute pic though! :) Glad you got to meet him and get your pic snapped with him.