Saturday, November 17, 2007

recap 11/16

sorry i tried to get on line last night but couldn't so i must recap for you.

for those of you who know her yesterday was jenny taylor's birthday. so if you didn't wish her a happy birthday yesterday do so today. she is now 18, yeah!

so yesterday started at 5:30 AM. we got some breakfast at the wrap place in the cnn center and some starbucks. can i just say there is no milk to be found anywhere so the cereal infont of the today show isn't happening, bummer!

then it was off to the conference. i attended a session at 8 called the art of you. it was really good could have been longer but good. there were a lot of technical difficulties with her presentation so i think she got flustered. but she was real and loving. it was good. after that session was the closing of the herstory preconference. did it really have to end, i thought. it was great, i loved it. there was worship and then jeannie stevens spoke. she is an amazing woman! she seems to have such a good heart and very compassionate. i really like her and i love to hear her speak because her passion comes through her voice and through the words she says. so the preconf. is over, i think for me it could have lasted all weekend.

so i see marko standing in the back. i went up and introduced myself and just wanted to tell him thank you for the preconf. as i walk away i get out my phone and eli says i am having lunch with marko. thought that was kind of funny, that i had just seen him. so i meet up with eli discuss a little and then head off to the show floor while he has lunch with marko. i only made it through the first two rows on the show floor, there are a lot of exhibitors. i made a bracelet for eli on the show floor, you'll have to ask him to see it, it's funny! after the show floor closed we went and got seats for the general session. when flatfoot 56 came on we left and went and sat off to the side where we could still see and hear everything. so while they were playing i blogged and we discussed the rest of the day. i went to a session after the general session called the dark side of the teenage world. oh my! you know the expression "i need a stiff drink" well i needed one after that. it was scary and depressing. i am not saying that i didn't realize all this was going on but i guess i didn't realize it is to the magnitude that it is. a lot of the same things were going on when i was a teenager, it's just much more intense now. i left there wanting to cry because of what some of my girls are going through and that some day my daughter will have to face this. so after that eli and i went down to the show floor and then got in line to get into the general session at 6:20, yes 40 minutes before they let you in. while standing in line i called to check on the kids. wouldn't you know my mom and dad were on there way home from the er. silas had a fever all day yesterday and it wasn't going down it spiked to 104.9 so they decided to take him. he has an ear infection, shew, at least it wasn't worse. so there i am standing in line sobbing because i can't be there to care for him. i haven't left him for 10 1/2 months so i am feeling guilty that i am not there with him. well they let us in and yes when they let us in i ran for a seat. and let me tell you my behind has never hit a chair so hard. and then i went right up front, i was against the stage right infront of mac. i love third day! i have a picture of my dad when i was about three and he looks just like mac, they could be twins. so third day was amazing. the sand artist performed again he is amazing. i would like to actually see his hands while he does it. then some guy came on stage and told the story of the prodigal son from a different perspective in more modern times, it was good. desperation band came on, they were ok not one of my favs. then shane claiborne, i was really excited to hear him speak and hear about his life. but what did he do read, he read the entire sermon on the mount and then walked off stage. it was cool though because as he read you could tell that he enjoyed and loved the word. so we left when it was over and headed for dinner. at this point i hadn't eaten since 7am so it was way past time for food and i didn't care how much it cost or how far we had to walk i needed food. we walked 5 blocks and ate at the hard rock. it was ok. i had the twisted mac and cheese and it came back to haunt me at 7 this morning.

so it's saturday, i think. and we are just leaving the hotel at 9. here we go.

oh by the way let me say:


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