Friday, October 26, 2007


if money were no object what are the top five things you would immediatly do?

my answers:
1. get out of all debt
2. buy a home in Waverly
3. buy a brand new 4 door burgendy jeep
4. buy a nice camera
5. go on my own mission trip with a few close friends to the inner city, chicago or
San Fran, and love homeless people.

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julie p said...

$$$ is unlimited? Well,
(1) fill up my Mom's bank account so that she wouldn't ever have to worry about anything
(2) pay for Trent to go to school anywhere and as long as he wants
(3) buy Troy and Jenn any house they would want
(4) get rid of "The Trailer" at church and find a great place to do Kids' Ministry
(5) finance a huge mission trip for the youth next summer to Europe