Sunday, October 28, 2007

mixed feelings but it was amazing!

let me just say that even though somethings happened tonight that could have made the evening bomb they didn't and kids had fun anyways. the amazing race was this evening and i think that all the teams had fun. i stayed at the church to manage the base station. i think the highlight of my night was when trish came driving through the grass into the church parking lot and up the hill to the bottom door so her team would be closer to the finish line. go trish! i also hear that seeing gannon being repremanded by the park ranger at pike lake was quite entertaining. or dalton puking after drinking a gallon of water. i can't wait to see pictures that were taken. we had some kids show up that typically dont' come to things and they had a good time so it was well worth it. i just hope that things go better next year. thanks to all the adults who came and helped, we love you! and thanks to the kids who came and participated in the event. and big ups go to sarah for being yelled at for something she didn't do.

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Sarah said...

Hey it's all good! I had a good time. I'm glad we did the Amazing Faith Race and I am looking forward to doing it again next year!