Friday, July 27, 2007

Storms and Fear

I am often afraid of storms. It is one of my many fears. I know a 32 yr. old should not be afraid of things but I am. Eli thinks I am silly for being afraid. I am not sure why I am afraid of storms but I am. Maybe it is something that has been instilled in me. Durning my childhood everytime it stormed we had to turn off the tv and unplug it from the wall and unplug the cable. We were not allowed to take a shower or bath or even use the toliet durning a storm. We were not allowed to play on the floorwe had to sit up on the couch off the floor. We were not allowed to use the telephone earlier. So maybe my upbringing has given me this fear, i dunno. Hopefully I will be able to keep my fear hidden from Ellie so she does not grow up with the one of the same fears as me.

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