Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Christmas Mommy wasn't with it.

Well here we are Jan.2nd and the kids go back to school tomorrow. Really, where did Christmas break go? Did Christmas really happen already? UGH! I am feeling overwhelmed with guilt today. December seems like such a haze. I had so many things that I wanted to do with the kids. I am not sure even 1/2 the things happened. We had a countdown to Christmas that it seems was harder than ever to keep up with. Really, how hard is it to move a star everyday? I had an Advent Calendar again this year and we had an activity to do each day. Did any of those happen? Not many! Our Advent readings were just well not what I wanted them to be. I had bought a book but I wasn't pleased with it. So I bought another but it wasn't an every day type of book so I went from doing a reading everyday for Advent to doing a reading on Sunday's. Then I found a reading plan that someone had created to go along with The Jesus Storybook Bible. I didn't find this reading plan till the week before Christmas. So for several days we accomplished some daily readings that I think the kids could understand.
I think that due to there not being a moment in December when someone wasn't sick to the continuos rain that fell from the sky some of the things we wanted to do we just couldn't.
We started the month out good with a North Pole Breakfast, the kids enjoyed it. But after that it just seems to have gone down hill.

Did we make cookies? NO
Did we sit cookies out for Santa? No
Did we put reindeer food out? No
Did I take pictures of my kids in front of the tree? No
Did we stop to thank God for giving us the gift of His son on Christmas day? Nope
There is more but if I keep going the tears might come.

I just feel like I failed them this season.
Yeah they got presents and they are happy. But it's not all about the presents and I think I failed in conveying that this year.

Ugh, I guess there is always next year. I guess this is just the Christmas that mommy wasn't with it.

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