Monday, January 23, 2012


Somedays I find myself wanting to beat my head against the wall. I often wonder why we make it so hard to do something so simple. Love people as Jesus would.
It seems like we put so many rules and regulations on who we can invite in, talk to, hang with, love on. We, I, need to look at all the people that Jesus hung with and loved on.
I know that some people are difficult to hang out with or talk to. But just because someone gets to us or rubs us the wrong way doesn't mean they are not worthy of love. Is it easy for Jesus to love everyone? Is it easy for Jesus to love me, a sinner? Sometimes people just need us to reach out and show or do something for them that says you are cared for and loved.
i know there are days when I find it difficult to talk to someone or be around them but I would do anything I could to convey to them that they are cared for and loved.
We don't have to be friends with everyone, we don't have to spend time with them, we don't have to do anything but maybe smile, say hi, send a card, make a meal, whatever small thing we can do to convey our God's great love for them.

Anyways I will stop this little rant now.

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