Monday, December 19, 2011

End of the third week of Advent

With me being sick at the beginning of the week and Lilly ending the week with being sick gave us a interesting week. So here's what was on the Calendar to this week:
Dec. 11th- Make a Ginger Bread Manger together. (This didn't happen. Instead I went to Urgent care. I was diagnosed with Strep, which I knew I had.)
Dec. 12th- Take Family Christmas pics. This didn't happen either! Mainly because I was not having a pic taken of me looking the way I did. So I figured when everyone is well we will take it.

WOW! We are doing very well this week.

Dec. 13th- Make Peppermint Bark together. The kids had a lot of fun smashing the candy canes. The peppermint Bark was so yummy, I blogged the recipe HERE!
Dec. 14th- Build a puzzle together. Ellie doesn't have the patience for puzzles but Silas likes to do them.
Dec. 15th- Decorate Sugar Cookies together. This was fun! Here are some pics:

Dec. 16th- Play Games Together The kids played games together while we worked to wrap presents for our Adopted family and put the gift baskets together that we were giving the people that have helped us out this year.
Dec. 17th- Go out and enjoy Hot Chocolate from Tim's. We were so busy on Sat. that we didn't make it to Tim's but I made the kids hot Chocolate Friday night and we drank it and watched Christmas movies. Can't watch movies at Tim's!

It has been a trying week but it has been a good week. We are eagerly awaiting Jesus' birthday.

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