Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The end of Advent

So the last week on Advent was a little busy but we tried to stay on track.
Sunday 18th- build a snowman together. I think that when I put this on the calendar I was hoping for real snow. But there we were with 60 degree weather. So we got a little creative.

Monday 19th- Camp out under the tree. The kids slept in the living room with the tree and watched a movie.
Tuesday 20th- Have a birthday party for Jesus. This was so much fun. We invited some friends over and had a party.

Wednesday 21st- deliver gifts to families that have shown our family love and suppose this year. We actually did this early because we ended up leaving for my parents this day.
Thursday 22nd- make reindeer food. we didn't get to this one. we just ended up relaxing at my parents.
Friday 23rd- Watch a Christmas movie that you have never seen. We watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. We have seen it many times but the kids had never seen it.
Saturday 24th- Attend church together and read The Night Before Christmas. We all went to church. Lilly fell asleep shortly after we got there. After dinner we looked at the book The Night Before Christmas while daddy recited it. Eli had to memorize it in school and he still knows 85% of it.

We had this season and I look forward to tweaking our calendar a bit next year. I think next year we will add in the 12 days of Christmas celebration.

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