Friday, November 25, 2011

Tis the Season

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone. I really don't want to take down our Thankful tree. I am debating on keeping it up but I don't know. Maybe I could just create a Christmas tree on the wall and we could add ornaments to it. I dunno, it's just nice to be reminded of all we are thankful for when we see it. We should continue to be thankful for the things we have and are given and the people who are in our lives.

Today is the day to clean the house and prepare to put up the Christmas tree. I think this evening the tree will go up and be decorated. I am really excited about celebrating Christmas with the kids this year. So I guess I should get off here and fix my kids breakfast and get started cleaning in the preparation for the Christmas decor.

Oh and I am so excited that I can get the fire place DVD out and turn on the Christmas music.

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