Friday, February 18, 2011

Why do I work with Youth?

This question has be in the back of my head for a while. I think that I have come up with an answer.

I work with youth because I love teenagers. They are amazing individuals and they have so much to offer.

I want to encourage them.
I want to praise them.
I want to cheer them on.
I want to help to open their eyes and their hearts.
I want to listen when they need to talk.
I want to hug them.
I want to give them a shoulder to cry on.
I want to show them Christ.
I want to help them to discover their passions.

More than anything though,
I want to help them grow closer to Jesus.
I want to help them see and experience,
His Love
His Forgiveness
His Mercy
His Peace
His Grace
His Power

I want to introduce them to things that I was never introduced to when I was a teenager.
Prayer Paths
Imaginative Prayer
and other things.

I want to be able to love them like Jesus does. I want the girls to realize they are beautiful. I hope that through my interactions with them I can help them to see how important they are. I love "my kids"!

I know that the other night when I was speaking all this in the car on my way home it didn't come out the same as it did now. I am sure as I grow and change and as they grow and change this may change a bit and that's ok.

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