Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I was having a conversation with a friend the other day, while waiting for school to let out, about sleep. Sleep is a funny thing. We were talking about our kids sleep patterns and the way you view sleep depends on your age.

So many parents complain about their High School or college aged kid sleeping till 1 in the afternoon or taking a 4 hr. nap.

So many parents complain because their little ones don't sleep all night and then don't take a nap.

It's funny when our kids are baby's, toddlers or even elementary aged we want them to sleep.
We want our kids to sleep all night, take a nap and even sleep in on weekends and snow days!
But as they grow we tend to start complaining because they sleep till 1 in the afternoon. It's so funny to see the difference.

I remember being in high school and college and being able to sleep in, oh what a feeling. It was awesome. There was nothing like going back to your dorm room after class and being able to take a nap in the afternoon. It was the best!

Over the years my sleep patterns have changed mainly to fit my kids. A typical sleep pattern for my kids goes like this, Ellie gets up at 6:30 to get ready for school. Silas is up about 5 minutes after she gets up if not before. Lilly is usually up around the same time. Silas usually doesn't take a nap unless he falls asleep as we are going to get Ellie at school. So he may get a 20 minute nap. Lilly usually take a cat nap in the morning and early evening and a pretty good nap in the afternoon. We try to have the kids in bed by 7:30. If Silas has taken a nap more than 20 minutes, which is rare, he gets to stay up till 8:30. Lilly is usually ready for bed at 10:30. She established that all on her own. No matter where we are at 10:30 she is ready to sleep. Typically during the night Lilly wakes up twice to eat. But I think that all has to do with the reflux. Silas on the other hand wakes up several times a night starting at roughly 1:30. If we let him in our bed he will sleep all night long with out waking but then we don't sleep. That being said I average about 6 hrs of sleep a night. My body is learning to adjust to that. Once I get up and moving I do pretty good till about noon and then I crash and get my second wind about 6ish.

When Ellie was a baby/toddler she LOVED to sleep. I miss those days and honestly can't wait till my kids sleep in till at least 8 or 9 AM.

I hope that as my kids grow I can remember these days and not gripe at them for sleeping till noon or 1. If they sleep that long I will have learned that evidently they need it.

So all you college kids out on your own; take a nap, sleep in, enjoy it now!

Mommies don't get to upset with your kids for sleeping in there was once a day you wished they would sleep in.

New mommies, when the baby sleeps you sleep.

Mommies there is nothing wrong with taking a nap if you need it and are able to. Don't beat yourselves up over it. Sometimes I feel guilty for napping but if I am so sleepy that I can't keep my eyes open my body is trying to tell me something. SLEEP! Sometimes I look at the day and think I have to much to do or I haven't done enough to warrant a nap. But when your sleep is interrupted all night and you are chasing after 3-4 kids all day you can get exhausted. Taking a nap when needed will make you a better mommy. After all don't we all get a little grouchy when we get exhausted.

My take on sleep....

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Jessica said...

Love this post! So true! I tell Chris all the time that when the kids are teens, I'm NOT going to scold them for "sleeping in"...I'm so longing for that day! Of course I may feel differently when the time comes, but right now, though my kids sleep all night, I wish they understood "days off" or "holidays" or whatever the calendar may insinuate to parents is a chance to wake up late w/out an early morning alarm! For instance, next Mon is a holiday, and Chris is off work...but I can guarantee that we'll be up as early as usual, for the kids have NO idea what that means! I do feel guilty for feeling so tired all the time...I know much of it is because I'm preggers, but I just feel almost lazy. I think of my next chance to rest from the time my eyes first open in the a.m! Thanks for reminding us mommies that it's ok to give ourselves a break sometimes!