Tuesday, February 9, 2010

He loves us all!

The following is from a blog written by Pete Wilson.
"There are some 11 million abandoned kids roaming the streets of India. I’ve been aware of that statistic for a while but nothing prepares you for meeting it face to face.

This is Puja Ghosh who is just five years old.

She lives with a family here in the Khalpar slum who found her in a pile of trash. Her mom literally tossed her out like you would a loaf of moldy bread.

I know many of you have unhealed wounds from your parents. These are deep wounds because your parents are the two people on earth who by God’s design are entrusted to pour unconditional love into your heart. So when that doesn’t happen for one reason or another it bruises our very souls. It can be the deepest of all hurts.

It’s one thing to grow up in extreme poverty.

It’s one thing to grow up in a 3×5 tent.

It’s one thing to grow up wondering where your next meal is coming from.

But it’s a whole other thing to grow up with the realization your mom and dad threw you in the trash. To know you were so undervalued that you were discarded as worthless and left for dead.

Lack of love is the deepest and most painful form of poverty that exists.

My thoughts:

Lord help me remember to treat everyone in a loving way.

I know sometimes I let the flesh get the best of me and it is so easy to get angry or upset about something. But I truly want to show others that they are important, they have a purpose and they are loved. Whether they are sitting beside me in church, the greeter at WalMart, or a man sitting on the street asking for change. We are all God's people. He made us all in his image and He loves us all no matter what our situation is. We are human and we make stupid mistakes or people make stupid mistakes that effect our lives. God still loves us and we should love one another.

My heart hurts for those that get looked over on a daily basis and that people treat like they are nothing.
They are someone with a story that deserves love!

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