Monday, August 10, 2009

Shew, it's really time!

The blog here made me think about the things to come too soon!
Here in a couple of weeks I am about to send my first to Kindergarten. I was doing great until here lately. When I think about it I just tear up now. I think when the day comes I will be a mess. I worry about her being out there alone without me. Going to the bathroom and eating lunch without me. I worry about what will happen when she goes to the bathroom for the first time by herself. I always go into the public bathrooms with her. Will she be able to open everything I put in her lunch and if not will she ask for help or just not eat. Will she make friends? She seems to know no strangers when we go out in public but we are always with her. When we aren't there will she talk to the other kids. Some days I try to blame it on the pregnancy hormones, baby #3 comes on Sept. 8th. But I really don't think that's it. My little girl is leaving the nest and isn't going to be with me for 8 hours of the day. That's 8 hours I don't have control of. Please Jesus keep her safe and let her remember all the things I have tried to teach her. Please let her be loving and compassionate to all kids and teachers. Let her show Jesus in her 5 yr. old way.

But of all of the family I think that Silas is going to have the hardest time with Ellie leaving him to go to Kindergarten. I think that he will feel lost without her.

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