Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday, April 6

this past weekend:
This past weekend was interesting. I left on Friday and drove Ellie and Sials to my parents in Belpre, where they stayed for the weekend. Shortly after Eli got home we packed up and headed to Cincy for the night. We went to the Rock Bottom Brewery for dinner. I was so excited, I really like that place. We were able to have the rootbeer this time. The last time we were there they were out. We got soft pretzels as an appetizer, they were very yummy. Then came the mistake, I ordered Mac and Cheese. A great dish but mac and cheese doesn't taste right when I'm pregnant. So I ate some of the chicken out of it but not much. So we had leftovers. While we were eating our app. a man walk by outside the looked to be having a rough time. I quietly thought if we have leftovers I hope that man is outside when we leave. We finished up and walked out side and rounded the corner and there he was. So we went to check out the situation. The man's shoes and pants were too big, he had a hole in the butt of his pants and he had no underwear on. As I approached him to ask if he was hungry I could see the snot dripping from his nose. I wish I would have had some tissues on me. I also wish that I would have had some plastic forks with em. He ended up with quite a bit of mac and cheese, rice and green beans. Not the best foods to eat with your fingers.
We went back to the hotel and settled in for the night. Saturday morning we headed to a church to particpate in a stations of the cross that our friend Lilly had put together. It was a really neat experience. But to fast forward a bit, it wasn't till Sunday morning during worship at River Valley that it all kind of sunk in. I think I was a little nervous on Saturday.
So rewind- we then headed to IKEA for some perusing. Oh my we were in there for hours, but it was fun. We found some things that were great deals but we also found the kids bunk beds and a new kitchen table. The table we found is perfect for our house, it maximizes space. We have to take a truck back next time we go.
A quick lunch at Chick-fil-a and we were headed back to Piketon. We spent 30 minutes at home and then headed to Chillicothe for A Night of Hope. It was a great evening and mfe rocked. It was great that they could raise so much money for such a great organization.
Sunday was church, I taught Sunday School second service. The afternoon was filled with lunch and relaxing. Then it was back to River Valley for the Palm Sunday service. It was a good service.

where i am:
Sitting on the couch. Watching the kids color on their new easel while watching Oswald.

what's up with Ellie:
Ellie has a dance recital coming up. She thinks she should have dance class everyday. She was sick this past weekend while at my parents. If I had know she was going to get sick and hour after i dropped them off then I never would have taken them. i think she had a good time though. She was able to play with her cousin Blake, which is always a highlight for her.

what's up with Silas:
Silas is saying more and more everyday that I can understand. He has started throwing fits about everything. It's a little crazy. Silas is so loving. He has hugged me tons today. I think maybe he missed me this weekend.

what's up with baby:
I am 16 1/2 weeks. I actually saw my belly move. I am getting excited to find out the gender. I think we have a girls name picked but we are still debating about the boys name.

my to-do list this week:
Get ready for Easter. I have a project that I am working on. I need to get pictures ordered for the scrap booking weekend coming up. I am watching Paul Mon-Wed. this week and doing laundry on Tuesday and Friday. We have the Tenebrae service Friday night at church. Then Saturday is the Easter egg hunt.

book i’m reading:
Right now our girls group, reaL is reading the book "What's up with Boys?" by Crystal Kirgiss.

how i’m feeling about this week:
Well if this week is anything like the way today has started then never mind I'll skip this week. I didn't feel good physically when I woke up that subsided but then well it just got worse emotionally and I'm not having the greatest day.

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