Thursday, April 16, 2009


It has begun! We are trying to downsize our stuff. We have so much that we haven't used or looked at for years. So it's time to get rid of it. With the new baby coming we have to make room.
So far we have sold our chest freezer and a glide rocker. I am currently trying to sell our old couch and soon will try to sell our Kitchen Table. We do plan on buying another kitchen table with the money we have made from the freezer and the couch. The table we found is at Ikea. It has drop leaves on both ends of the table so it folds down into a pretty small table that will take up a lot less space. I am excited to get everything gone so we can rearrange and get ready for the baby.
We are also looking to get rid of a toddler bed and mattress because we found bunk beds that are perfect for the kids. Of course we found those at Ikea also.
We are shooting at having a yard sale on May 16th. And if need be another one the beginning of June.
I am getting very excited at creating a room for the kids to have as a bedroom with no toys.
I would like to do some painting at some point if I'm allowed.

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Jessica said...

I feel ya! We're downsizing, too. Not that there's a 3rd baby on the way or anything! We just don't like 'stuff', but somehow we still manage to have a lot of 'stuff', like in boxes in our garage. It seems like each time we move, we pack stuff up, don't unpack it all, and don't even know what's out there anymore! I ♥ downsizing! Good luck w/ your preparations for baby. Maybe some before/after pics of all your new arrangements would be fun??!!)