Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mid-week rewind

So I would like to start the Monday Morning update but that will never happen on Monday mornings. So I am thinking the mid week recap and look forward.

You can check out this idea from Eli's blog here. Eli likes to do the Monday morning thing but I know me and after a long Sunday Monday morning update are never ever gonna happen. I am not even going to plan on it and then disappoint myself when it doesn't happen. So here is my version the Mid-week recap and look forward.

So here we go!

I will start with last Thursday but from now on I will go from Wednesday to Wednesday.

Last Thursday was my birthday. A bitter sweet day but my birthday. I share my birthday with some great women in my life. My late grandma, Roxie, who we lived with for many years. I also share it with Eli's grandma, Betty. It is bitter sweet because of an event that you might refer to as 9/11 i guess. It's just hard to celebrate and be happy when you know how many people did on that day and that there are many people grieving on your day. I don't want people to grieve on my day. I know if it wasn't my day it would have been on someone else's day. The date 9/11 has changed things in so many ways. Please don't get me wrong I had a great day. I just have to take time to stop and reflect and say a prayer for those who have lost loved ones or it can consume my whole day just as it did 7 years ago.
We celebrated by heading to PF Chang's for some AMAZING Crab Wontons, I swear I could eat those and only those and be very happy! They are my whole reason for going to PF's. After dinner we headed to Graters for ice cream with a couple of stops at some stores on the way. After eating our ice cream we went to Target. Did I ever mention I LOVE TARGET! I could spend hours in there but not tonight just a quickie. We found some great finds, a wooden tea light holder, a reed thing that smells the house up ( i dunno remember what it was called), and a book for Eli. After Target we stopped at Starbucks then headed home. Please don't get me wrong I had a great day. I just have to take time to stopand reflect and say a prayer for those who have lost loved ones or it can consume my whole day.
once we got home it was time to create care packages for my kids. So i baked cookies and packed them up.

Friday we woke up early to say bye to daddy, he was headed to Wheaton to see our kids. Ellie and Silas drew pics for Valerie and Mason so we stuck them in the bags real quick and daddy was off. So my day began. I turned Cartoons on and then started cleaning. I made the mistake of starting with my room. Here is the post about that if you want to check it out. And it just went from there I think that I sat down for a total of 30 minutes on Friday. I finally took a shower when I was done cleaning at 6:30 PM. See mom was coming and I just hadn't had time to clean in a while. But I feel good about the house. My mom arrived at 9-9:30. I made a pizza and we just relaxed and then to bed.

Saturday was full of making deliveries for people who wanted to buy the clothes I posted online. We also hit an amazing yard sale. I got all kinds of Ohio State gear for the kids, a pair of new balance and a fall and Winter coat with snow bibs for Silas. We then headed to Chillicothe for some shopping and lunch at Max and Ermas. We had a very eventful day that ended when we headed for home at 8:30 PM. We went home and relaxed and just waited for daddy to come home.

Sunday was a very tiring day or maybe I was just exhausted from the weekend. Worship was great, I miss the round, a lot. Steve's message on the First Beatitude was AMAZING! If you didn't hear if you need to. In the above link to Eli's blog he has a link to steve's message, I believe. We then headed to Walmart and then home for lunch. Ike (the storm) came to see us today. The winds were a little scary at times. We could feel the house shaking. There are still people all over Ohio without power. Mom headed home and we headed to youth and Ellie's musical practice. I had to literally drag Ellie out of practice and give her the straighten up or your not doing this talk. After practice I went down for the end of youth. Small crowd but we had a good time. Home and to bed early.

Monday I went to work and did laundry like crazy. Nothing really exciting happened today. I wasn't feeling good so things went a little slow. After we got home Eli went to have coffee at Tim's with someone. I made chicken Vegetable soup for dinner, it was really good. At least I think it was I haven't heard Eli weigh in yet. i tried to wait up for Eli but I felt like crap and couldn't.

Tuesday was another low key day. I felt horrible and I was so tired. I did exert some energy to go to Walmart and get the last Wii Fit they had. But we made it thru the day and headed to columbus to see the Lion King on Broadway. It was a lot better than what I expected it to be. The animals amazed me. We thought the show started at 7 but no it started at 8. So we would have had time to get dinner before the show but that KFC Snacker was pretty good, lol. We got home very late but not to late to get out my new Wii Fit and set it up.

Today I started out the day by looking for a lost bluetooth headset. then it was back into the house to clean the kids bedroom. I found four garbage bags of toys to get rid of and if Ellie hadn't been helping probably two more. But I'm nice. for the rest of the day we are going to babysit Baby Paul, go to Walmart and relax.

For the rest of the week looks like this so far:
Thursday: Laundry at the Mckells and Water aerobics
Friday: Laundry at the McKells, Football game and fifth Quarter
Saturday: Emmaus meeting, and then hopefully some relaxing.
Sunday: Church, Church, and Church.
Monday: Laundry at the Mckells
Tuesday: Laundry at the Mckells and Water aerobics.

Hopefully next week won't be as long. I usually don't have such eventful weeks.


SORTof BLOG said...

My nephew was born 9/11/01. This year he told me that he didn't like his birthday because so many people died the day he was born. It made me sad. I'm going to tell you what I told him... "This is your day, buddy. And though something bad happened, me knowing it's your day, makes all that sadness go away because you are wonderful!"

Now you say, "I love you Uncle Jae."


Happy belated Birthday.

Sarah said...

Thank you for watching Paul. We love you : )