Wednesday, June 11, 2008

so much to do so little time

we leave sunday morning at 5AM.

tomorrow we have to get the van serviced and checked out. i have to finished getting as much done at the mckells as i can. we are dropping the kids off with eli's parents at 2. then we are off to columbus to go to the airport to exchange money, finish getting last minute items, and take a friend to dinner for her birthday.

friday i have to rip movies make beds and finish up laundry at the mckells. we get the kids back from eli's mom and dad. at some point in the day we have to meet up with my dad so he can take the kids to their place for the week that we are gone. marty is dressing in drag for the ross county relay for life. that should be funny so we wouldlike to get a couple of shots of him. i think my dad may be spending the night so the kids won't actually leave till saturday. gotta pack their bags.

saturday will be full of last minute organizing and packing. we meet at the church at 7 to pack up the van. the thought ofthat made my stomache do a flip flop. then it's home to bed.

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