Tuesday, June 10, 2008

a dream from my childhood is still in my heart

A blog I read ask a question of all of it's readers the other day.  What is one of your dreams?
When I came to the realization, I think I was 8,  that people actually lived on the streets and didn't have any food, clothing or shelter.  I wanted to open a homeless shelter.  Where people could come and live  until they could get back on their feet.  

Growing up I couldn't understand why we have all these condemned buildings and no one fixes them up and uses them.  We have a lot of wealthy people in the USA.  Why doesn't someone buy these buildings fix them up and then have poeple who need jobs run them.  And make the buildings a place where people can come to get back on their feet.

A place where they learn life skills if need be.  Where they can clean up for an interview, where they have an address so they can get a job. 

I was watching some YouTube videos today and there were several interviews with homeless people and they were ask why they didn't like to go to the shelter.  Their answers varied.  We just read the book Under the Overpass and in the book it talked about different shelters and missions.  They all had a service that the people had to sit through before they were fed or given a bed.  WHY?  Why can't we just love people.  Why to we try to shove Jesus down their throats.

One of the services described in the book we read the pastor was screaming , sweating and spitting.  For some this is what they need and this is how the gospel gets across.  But I don't think that would work for me.  Some people just need to be treated like another human and to be loved unconditionally without judgement.  Whether they are living the way we think they should or not. 

I want a shelter where homeless can come in and we just love them!  Where they can be treated like Human beings and we can sit down and have conversations with them.  I just want to love them.
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