Tuesday, January 29, 2008

thanks sarah!

thank you sarah for finding this disclaimer. i had been thinking a lot about this lately and was wondering if i should create a disclaimer.

"*DISCLAIMER* I am not a passive aggressive person, and I do not use my blog to drop hints. I’d hate to think I made anyone who knows me personally and who also reads this site feel self-conscious because I am aware of who reads this page and I would never be so underhanded and wussy as to tell the internet instead of you personally. The folks I’m speaking of above are people who don’t read this page, so please don’t think I mean you. You, I like. So don’t worry."

so if you read someones blog and immediately take offense to it does it mean at some point you have committed said act, treated someone wrong, or such, maybe. some of us including myself need to look at why we would immediately assume someone is talking about us in their blog. sometimes people do us their blog to make their feelings about a person or situation known without addressing the person. but does that gives us the right to assume that everyone does that. all i am saying is we, me included, need to stop assuming someone is talking about us. and if we feel that way then maybe we need to stop and take a look at ourselves and see if we have reason to feel offended. sometimes we can feel that way and the person blogging doesn't even realize that what they are blogging about would offend anyone.

next time we think someone is talking about us or we feel offended by someones blog let's stop and reflect on why we feel that way. maybe we need to do a little inside maintenance on ourselves.

and if this offends you then well....

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Sarah said...

Alright well the disclaimer came from a post on Anna's blog from Jodi awhile back. So I found it on Anna's blog and used it for your last post because I just thought it "fit". So I kinda found it and kinda didn't : )